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Dan Cox April 12, 2014 at 11:37 AM
There is an election this year in November and we need turn turn out in record numbers. You canRead Morevote early, you can vote by mail, you can vote Rep. Scott Drury out of office. It's Time, to take Springfield back from the people who have ruined this state and set it on a course of financial disaster! It is time to replace them with people who will respect our Constitutional Rights.
Steve S. April 17, 2014 at 08:50 AM
When will the guy who writes this stuff everyday "get it" that we all get the point, Read Morethat he is pushing people away from his pro gun thing because he sounds like a gun loving maniac who cares about nothing else and has no interests other than eventually wanting to shoot somebody somewhere, probably someone in highland park because he is so incredibly jealous of the financial, educational, and business successes that stem from there. He just can't handle it. I would be for legalizing guns just hear another subject on here, this horse has been dead a while. My guess is if this man gets his way, he still won't like highland park. Which is fine because he doesn't live shop work or vote in HP.
Deerfield Resident April 07, 2014 at 06:50 PM
"What parents can do to protect their children"?...how about getting them inviolved in aRead Mores port, showing some interest in their child rather than rushing them off to camp in the summer! How about knowing their friends and what they're all about...even knowing some of the parents of their closest friends just to see if they have any parenting skills or concern for their kids. Too many parents in this area let their nanny babysit their kids, or drop them off at pre-school way too early just so they can go get their nails done! If you're going to have kids, how about showing some interest in them...it's really not that hard - if you claim you're a parent!
DeerfieldWATCHdog April 08, 2014 at 02:29 PM
Total agree Deerfield Resident. But, you'd better watch out, the area "liberals" willRead Morenot ice your post and accuse YOU of all sorts of foolishness if you subscribe to knocking or criticizing "the agenda"...which has and always will be all that's "loose" and inappropriate and serves and compensates certain individuals and organizations in the community (ESPECIALLY in the public school district) will be tolerated and even praised...anything and everything in opposition shall be condemned...to bad for the poor souls...their time will come...Parents REALLY taking time with their children? They're too wrapped up in their own achievements and pretend to care by overindulgence and/or convincing themselves that leaving the kids on their own somehow "matures" them and helps them "figure life out on their own"...BS! That's why we see those same DEERFIELD kids ( elementary and middle school) hanging out at the malls in the baby changing areas and parking lots smoking, making out and drinking after "mommy in her giant Lexus SUV" dropped them off to see a movie and get a bite while she goes off to shop or whatever! Typical North Shore behavior. These are the same type of parents that invest highly in the "professionals" that come and speak at our local schools. It's disgusting to say the least...
Andrea Brown April 17, 2014 at 09:38 AM
I am planning to attend - it sounds like an important topic for all parents by an experiencedRead Morespeake r. I find the comments above very disturbing not because they are completely baseless (they are not) but because they are filled with such loathing and anger. Sure there are parents in this town (and most towns) where parents spend less time with their kids than others think they should. And affluence can result in over-indulgence. But don't judge - some of the most concerned, involved parents can raise kids who don't "buy in" or follow their rules and examples. And to those parents who should recognize themselves in your critical characterization, I hope you (and all of us) can at least think about ways in which we can be better parents. The ultimate goal is to raise good, productive, happy kids.