Driver Crashes Into Highland Park Restaurant

Fuddruckers closed at time of collision. Driver suffers minor injuries.

A motorist crashed into a wall at Fuddruckers Sunday causing a wall to collapse.
A motorist crashed into a wall at Fuddruckers Sunday causing a wall to collapse.

An automobile crashed into the front of Fuddruckers after the restaurant closed late Sunday night at Clavey and Skokie Valley Roads in Highland Park taking out the exterior wall to one of the rooms but injuring no one inside the building.

The driver was taken to Highland Park Hospital with minor, non life threatening injuries around 11 p.m. Sunday, according to Deputy Highland Park Police Chief Dave Schwarz. Police are continuing to investigate to determine if charges will be filed against the motorist.

Early today, Fuddruckers officials were at the restaurant trying to determine the extent of the damage and how soon the eatery will open. “A car ran into the building,” Fuddruckers Team Leader Matt Remaroik said. “We’re making a lot of calls,” he added referring to attempts to determine the extent of the damage.

As of 10 a.m. today, most of the building’s interior appeared untouched and the power was working. The restaurant will not open today. Patch will keep readers updated on when it will reopen.

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