Olive Tap Plans Saturday Opening

Newest Highland Park business gets store ready for customers.

Olive Tap plans to open its Highland Park store Saturday.
Olive Tap plans to open its Highland Park store Saturday.

Olive Tap is about to become Highland Park’s newest business Saturday.

The Highland Park store on First Street just north of Central Avenue will be the Long Grove based specialty gourmet market chain’s ninth. There are locations around the country.

Tammy Antenore, the owner of the Highland Park location, is working hard to get the store open Saturday. “We have most of our oil and most of our vinegars,” She said. “We’re getting the rest of the stuff in.”

Company owner Rick Petrocelly has had his eye on the North Shore and Highland Park in particular for at least four years. “We’ve built up so many customers (in Highland Park) we need to better serve them,” he said.

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