Best of Deerfield: It’s the Library

Between the Deerfield Public Library and Barnes & Noble, books and reading led the list.

Books and reading were the big winner this week in .

The votes are in and Patch readers voted the the most family friendly place in town among the five nominees in this week’s Best of Deerfield Patch series.

Of the 42 readers who cast ballots, 26 chose the library with finishing in the runner up spot with eight tallies. had four people pick it as the most family friendly with three choosing the and one selecting .

Next week Patch will survey the best of St. Patrick’s Day in the Village so feel free to give us your suggestions before we formulate the survey.

RB March 09, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Please ask us to vote on something more meaningful. Perhaps the $700 thousand spent on the underpass or the multiple taxing bodies overlapping in responsibilities and assets. How we are going to have a tax increase because of it. That would be an interesting discussion.


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