Boil Order, Anna Pamula’s Blog Make Year’s Top 10 Story List

Patch countdown lists third through 10th most read stories of the year.

When a boil order was issued for Deerfield's water supply in August, it touched off a rift with Highland Park.
When a boil order was issued for Deerfield's water supply in August, it touched off a rift with Highland Park.

A lot happened in Deerfield in 2013. When Patch took a look at its most read stories, some of which had national appeal, there were some surprises.

We will be taking a look back today through Wednesday listing the 10 most read stories. Our countdown now features four through 10.

Feel free to write in the comments what you think one through seven will be and you can see if you were correct.

4.         A major event for Deerfield came in August when fecal coliform got into the water supply and a boil order was issued. Though Mayor Harriet Rosenthal took personal responsibility, it turned out the issue could have been prevented if Highland Park’s testing lab had acted more promptly. Deerfield still gets its water from Highland Park, but it is tested in Lake Bluff.

5.         One of our blogger’s, Anna Pamula of Renu Day Spa, had the 10th most read item on Deerfield Patch in 2013 with her post personally discussing arthritis pain and the benefits to coconut oil.

6.         “Superman” Sam Sommer died at 8 from leukemia but showed people throughout Deerfield, the North Shore and around the world what kind of a fighter he was after he was diagnosed with leukemia 18 months ago. Donations can still be made to the Sam Sommer Fund at Congregation Am Shalom.

7.         Deerfield’s Ronald Kite went missing in July and people responded with tips to the Deerfield Police Department. The search did not end well and that story will be featured later this week.

8.         Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Deerfield) told a Chamber of Commerce gathering he had some misgivings about the roll out of the Affordable Care Act and Patch’s story made national news.

9.         After the Illinois General Assembly passed conceal carry legislation in June, home rule municipalities like Deerfield had a short amount of time to act if they wanted to legislate over assault weapons. Mayor Harriet Rosenthal wasted little time letting the Village Board know what she wanted, a spirited debate followed,  and an ordinance was passed.

10.       When a car and garbage truck collided near the intersection of Lake Cook and Waukegan Roads in October, the truck took down a utility pole and traffic was rerouted for hours.

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