Lincoln Wants a Home for the Holidays

Orphans of the Storm in Riverwoods has dogs and cats ready for adoption.

Editor’ Note—Orphans of the Storm in Riverwoods has been rescuing animals on the North Shore and putting them up for adoption for more than 80 years. Patch will be featuring a dog, cat or both available for adoption on a regular basis. We give a special thanks to Community Outreach Director Jackie Borchew for her help with this. 

By Jackie Borchew, Community Outreach Director, Orphans of the Storm 

Lincoln . . . a noble name for a noble dog. This three year old, male beagle - jack russell terrier mix is always anxious to get out of his kennel and get going. Whether to a weekend adoption event, a presentation at a local school, or a long walk up the winding Riverwoods bike trail, it doesn’t matter as long as he is on the end of a leash with a human friend. 

Beagles are fun loving, social and affectionate. They thrive on companionship and are friendly towards other dogs. With adequate socialization they are usually quite good with children also. Because of a symptom known as a reverse sneeze can be common in beagles, it is best they are walked with a harness rather than a collar around their neck. (The reverse sneeze actually has nothing to do with sneezing, but is a spasm caused by an irritation of the soft palate. The soft palate is a soft, fleshy tissue extension off the hard palate, or roof of the mouth. Small dogs in particular can exhibit this behavior and certain breeds may be predisposed to it. It has sent many a distraught owner to the vet in panic. It is thought that the pharyngeal spasm can be caused by a number of irritants, including dust, pollen, or household chemicals. Moreover, some dogs can launch an episode after eating, drinking or running around, or while pulling on the leash. These episodes may last from 10 seconds to several minutes.) 

Since Lincoln does have some beagle in him, he is a scent hound. A scent hound will follow his nose, so it is best that he have a secure fenced in yard to explore and play, and a safe leash when on a walk around the neighborhood. If you are considering adding a small to medium size dog to your family, then Lincoln just may be your guy! 

Find a Treasure Trove of Pets at Orphans of the Storm 

Orphans of the Storm® animal shelter takes in the stray and abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats from throughout Lake and northern Cook Counties and beyond. Orphans of the Storm provides refuge, medical care and individual attention with an ultimate goal of placing each into a loving home such as yours. The shelter houses a treasure trove of first-rate pets just waiting to win your heart and proudly take a place by your side for a lifetime. Nowhere else will you encounter such a generous offering and wide selection of adoptable dogs and cats. With capacity to comfortably house 190 dogs and over 350 cats and kittens at any one time, we can guarantee that you will have over 500 animals to choose from on any day. 

Orphans of the Storm® animal shelter is open every day from 11am-5pm for adoptions. No appointment is necessary. Located at 2200 Riverwoods Road in Riverwoods (Deerfield), IL 60015. Phone us at 847-945-0235. Visit our website at www.orphansofthestorm.org or follow us on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/orphansofthestorm to learn more. 

The Pet Is Your for a $90 Donation 

The adoption fee is $90 and includes spay/neuter. Depending on the dog or cat that you select there will be additional fees to bring them current on all shots and microchipped. 

Please help us continue our work with these deserving pets. Adopt if you have the space in your home and your heart, contribute financially when you are able, and whenever you have a chance, spread the word about all of the wonderful animals waiting at Orphans of the Storm® animal shelter. Orphans of the Storm is a not-for-profit, non-government subsidized, section 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

LORRA December 15, 2012 at 12:57 PM
What a wonderful article-- about a blessing of a place. Sounds like those who adopts Lincoln will be one lucky family who will be getting a houndful of love.


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