Patch Picks: Birthdays for Big Kids...or Just Adults

You say it's your birthday? With these eight local options for celebrating in Deerfield, you're gonna have a good time.

The best thing about your birthday is that it's all about you. It's the one day a year where you get that verbal 'Get Out of Jail Free' card and can try to bend the universe to your will just by saying "Hey, it's my birthday." 

What to do with all this power? Luckily, Deerfield offers a number of ways to celebrate a birthday in an interesting way. We have a rundown of some of the best local options below for throwing yourself (or someone you love) a good bash. 

One of Deerfield's newest night life spots is a great local option for a party. We already know that the bartenders mix a good  and that they serve a pretty incredible . What's less known is that the burger bar and bistro offers a private party room. Rentable for short parties, long parties, or any other occasion, Trax can offer a private bartender, DJ and wait staff, all without taking you out of view of the game - the room features several flat screens tuned to whatever the birthday boy or girl wants to see.

Mistiko is another take on late night action in Deerfield. Located in a quiet strip mall on the west edge of town, Cafe Mistiko nevertheless throws a good party. The restaurant and bar features a very affordable menu based on crepes and delicious Greek dishes, and the full bar keeps cocktails and beer coming. For entertainment, there are a number of beautiful pool tables inside, but who needs them? In warmer weather, the highlight at Mistiko is a large and comfortable outdoor patio. What better way to toast to another year than sitting outside with friends, having dinner and drinks in the setting sun?

Looking for something a bit more active than eating and drinking? Well, if you absolutely must stand and walk around, you might as well do something that's somewhat approaching athletic, and that something is golf. This isn't just a day at at the links, though. The team at Dynamic Golf can accommodate groups, professionally evaluating swings, technique and more, offering what's essentially a master class. If that weren't enough fun for you and your golf buddies, there are on-course drinks...just take it easy on the golf carts if you have more than a few.

Walking around in the sun not your thing? Or maybe it's exactly your thing and this is how you relax. Either way, this high end spa is a fantastic way to pamper yourself. The staff here says that groups are common, and easily accommodated with enough notice. Bring your beauty buddies here for facials, hair styling and nail treatments. And guys, no excuses: the spa offers plenty of what they call Gentleman's Services, just don't expect co-ed massages. On the other hand, if that is what you want for your birthday...

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is at home. Maybe you want to keep it simple - do some grilling, play some touch football in the backyard. Even still, if the occasion is special, you might want to add a bit of elegance or fun to it, and the Hurricane Sax Quartet offers both. These four talented sax playing women have carved a career out of covering everything from Bach to the Beatles and beyond, and have played for clients as big as the Chicago Bulls.

As much as you want to have an adult birthday, sometimes you just can't get away from the little ones. And that's fine: as we all know, sometimes the best way to keep ourselves relaxed is by keeping an eye on them. If you need to integrate adults and kids and want both to be able to have a good time, TeddyFabz, the Deerfield original with the inscrutable name, is a great choice. The deep fried comfort food served here goes great with a beer, and kids meals can be had for just about $4 apiece. 

 On the other hand, maybe letting the kids run wild and free isn't such a bad idea after all. Jewett Park has more than enough room to let the kids go free range while the adults group up at the pavilion and enjoy one another's company. In cold weather, there's a public fire-pit and ice skating, and the rest of the year offers grills, tables, shelter, restrooms, playground, pool and ball diamond. A list of equipment, fees, and rental details can be found at the Park District's website.

Finally, there's a reason the classics are the classics. Sometimes the best birthday is when you pick a group of great friends and head to an amazing restaurant. One of the more fun eateries around is Wild Fish, Deerfield's destination for sushi lovers. The restaurant offers a party menu for a minimum of ten people starting at $26 apiece, which should keep things simple when sorting out that hazy, end of the party bill. More expensive options are available, of course, and there's always the buffet: if you can get the timing right, Wild Fish offers a buffet for $35 per person on the last Wednesday of every month. A night of all you can eat sushi and drinks is exactly the kind of epic birthday that will keep you and your friends talking for months to come. 


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