Patch Poll: Where Is the Best Hamantaschen?

Patch starts a new weekly series today gauging reader interest in a variety of topics.

Editor’s note—This story starts a Patch weekly series about the “best of” in Deerfield. Today we begin with a holiday food. Over the course of the program will gauge reader choices of many topics. We hope you participate in each one.

With the Jewish holiday of Purim starting at sundown March 7, Hamantaschen—the traditional triangular pastry associated with the celebration—are making their way into stores around Deerfield.

Since both those celebrating Purim and those who just want to try Hamantaschen will be stocking up, it is time for Patch to use one of its unofficial polls to determine the best ones in Deerfield.

has already been selling two packaged varieties, Oberlander and Z Best. They are both prominently displayed near the entrance and in the bakery. The packages contain an assortment of flavors including apricot and raspberry.

, the fun starts Thursday when cheese, almond, apricot, cherry, poppy seed, prune and raspberry Hamantaschen arrive. Sheila Perry of Deerfields is not worried about the later start. “We want them to be fresh,” she said. Deerfields bakes its own.

is not part of the survey because their Hamantaschen will not be in the store until March 7 and Dominick’s may not be selling them this year, according to a source in the store.

Readers have until 9 a.m. Friday to vote. Patch will announce the winner by noon. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the one with the most reader comments. 


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