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What Were Patch’s Top 10 Stories in January?

Restaurant litigation, Super Bowl parties and new District 109 Superintendent lead the list.

The new year brought a variety of stories to Deerfield Patch with a lawsuit by a Lake Forest entrepreneur suing a Highland Park restaurant leading the list.

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Other top articles included a piece about Michael Lubelfeld heading Deerfield Public Schools District 109 and another about how to host the ultimate Super Bowl Party. Some police reports made the list as well. Take a look at the list and click on the stories you want to read again.

1.         Lake Forest Millionaire Sues Highland Park Restaurant

2.         Host the Ultimate Super Bowl Party


4.         Police Blotter: Burglars Ransack Deerfield Home

5.         Update: Crash Sends Three to Hospital



8.         2012 Oscar Nominations: Which Film Should Win Best Picture?


10.       Police Blotter: Police Report 7 Christmas Day Car Burglaries

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