Art Changes How Roseman Sees World

Deerfield artist Barbara Roseman sees a story in every picture. Local painter was one of 100 at Festival of Fine Art.

When Barbara Roseman became a water color artist 15 years ago, the Deerfield grandmother began to see the world differently.

Roseman, who was one of 100 artists participating in the annual Saturday and Sunday, can find a subject for her work at any time. She might be driving in a car or walking along a beach.

“The diversity of people is amazing,” Roseman said. “When I see something unique I want to capture that little moment in time. Every time I look out my window I see something. I might think I need crimson for that,” she added referring to the perfect color to complete a scene.

Roseman can see art wherever she looks. Sometimes she stops to sketch or take a picture so she can turn the scene into a finished painting later. “Every picture has a story behind it,” she said.

, Roseman’s career as a painter was born at a closing 15 years ago.

“I was sitting at a real estate closing and one of the attorneys said she was in a water color class,” Roseman said. “I said I would like to do that and she said ‘why don’t you join.’ I did and I’ve been painting ever since.” She has become a professional.

Though Roseman has been selling her paintings for years, she does not want to make it her career because she enjoys it so much.

“I don’t want to paint for a living,” Roseman said. “If I did I would have to paint to sell.” She is happy selling what she does on a part time basis. “I run an adoption agency,” she added about her philosophy. “If they (the paintings) find a good home I’m happy.”

Despite making every effort to keep painting her passion and not her livelihood, Roseman finds the only way she can balance her time with real estate, art and being a docent at the Lyric Opera is to take a businesslike approach.

“You have to schedule time to paint like you schedule an appointment,” Roseman said. “Monday night it is on my calendar and I paint. Monday is my time to paint.”

Though she will exhibit her work less this summer than usual, the Deerfield Festival of Fine Art is one Roseman will not miss. She delights working in her hometown where many of the people she sees are friends and neighbors.

“This is my favorite place to be. There is no question in my mind,” Roseman said. “I see my friends and neighbors. I see how the children are doing. Customers come up and reintroduce themselves.”

When Roseman talks about customers, she is referring both to people who have bought paintings and those who live in homes she has found for them.

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