Chicago Fights Breast Cancer on Ravinia Stage

A member of the audience sings with the band on stage.

Vicki Knight sings with Chicago Saturday on the Ravinia stage.
Vicki Knight sings with Chicago Saturday on the Ravinia stage.
Chicago, the legendary rock band, thrilled a sold out Ravinia audience with its music today and it did more.

After its third song, it paused from its singing and music making to offer a statement.

"This is the time we bring a member of the audience up on the stage to sing with us," said band member Robert Lamm. That person was Vicky Knight. She made the largest bid for the opportunity in an online auction to fight breast cancer.

The effort has raised nearly $500,000 in the Chicago area alone, according to five-year breast cancer survivor Ctherine Burgess who helped explain the effort to the audience. "We want a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays, she said.

Patch will have a more detailed story about this effort during the week.
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