Bites Nearby: MORE Eating on the Cheap in Deerfield

Our look at the most affordable places in town to get a great meal is back.

We here at Patch love deals, steals and bargains. This is part three of Deerfield's best 5 options for eating under $10.

Sandwiches for lunch can get old pretty fast. Every once in a while, you have to change it up, and visiting this out of the way Japanese eatery is worth the change of venue and the change of menu. There are some a la carte rolls here that you can snag under the limit, but the lunch specials really shine.

Cheap Eat: The sliced teriyaki steak lunch special, with rice and vegetables, $9.

It's tough to go wrong at Il Forno. This family owned pizza place serves up value sandwiches, pasta, salads and pizza, and one is hard pressed to find much on the menu over $10. The specialty pizzas get pricey fast, but it's hard to beat their deals if you're just looking to get your pizza on.

Cheap Eat: A medium (13") cheese pizza, just under the wire at $9.90, a hearty meal for one or light and splittable for two.

In Chicago itself, there's been an upswell of crepe restaurants in recent years. Starting with Lincoln Park's very romantic Le Creperie and extending outwards into the Chicago suburbs, the crepe craze finally washes up on the shores of Deerfield with the fantastic dessert selection at Greek eatery Mistiko. This restaurant is actually a goldmine of affordable options, from grilled octopus to saganaki, but the sweet crepes are where one can find the real fun.

Cheap Eat: The Reese's Peanut Butter Crepe, with Reese's Pieces, nutella and vanilla ice cream, a perfect way to end a meal at just $5.95.

It's not a strictly local option, but Whole Foods is a great way to fuel up in a way that's both on the cheap and good for you. The deli here features an area for sitting in as well as prepared foods to go, from sandwiches to pizza slices to baked goods and sides sold by the pound.

Cheap Eat: Freshly prepared organic tuna salad from the deli, $7.99 a pound, and two Ciabatta rolls, .79 cents apiece.

Finally, when you're ready to wrap up your day of affordable eating and finish with a dessert, you could do worse than thinking Potbelly. The regional sandwich chain offers sweets over and above their sandwiches, from mini-chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal cookies to brownies and more.

Cheap Eat: A shake, malt or a smoothie, each around $5, each super thick, rich and delicious, and served with a pair of mini pinwheel cookies.


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