Gallery: Film Crew Shoots in Deerfield

Trucks and talent roll into Village to make commercial.

If you noticed a flurry of activity in the vicinity of Pine Street between Gordon Terrace and Plum Tree Road the last few days your eyes were not deceiving you.

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A film crew was shooting a commercial for Payless Shoe Stores. One house was being used for the shoot the commercial itself while another was there to house “talent” and put make up on the actors as well as a place for lunch.

Patch first learned of this Wednesday when a reader sent an email wondering what was happening. On Thursday the same person let us know the trucks were still there and yet another writer wanted to know what was happening.

We decided to investigate and the result is what we have reported and this photo gallery.

We encourage all our readers to let us know when they see something around town they deem newsworthy. You never know what might happen.

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