Passion for Photography Drives 'Click Incorporated'

The new Libertyville business offers photo archiving, restoration and printing.

When Wolf Camera closed its doors in Vernon Hills late last year, some of the company's long-time employees wanted to stay in the photography business.

"We've all been with Wolf a long time," said Miranda Jansen. She and her colleagues Nick Gillenwater and Mike Magee "realized that you can get your photos printed everywhere.

"So we focused on photo archiving and editing," said Jansen.

Click Incorporated opened its doors at 1424 S. Milwaukee Ave. in Libertyville's Red Top Plaza in January. The business offers a number of services, including archiving, restoration and projects, like greeting cards and calendars.

"We're all passionate about photography," said Jansen, who owns the business. "We're the imaging and education that Wolf had."

Do you have boxes or albums full of photo prints—and maybe even some negatives—that you'd like to preserve? A big part of Click Incorporated's business is photo archiving. Jansen said she and her team can scan the photos, make edits in Photoshop and then archive the photos on DVD or even on a flash drive, if the customer prefers. This can even be done with old, antique photos, Jansen said.

"We can help archive all of that," said Jansen. She added that if customers have rolls of undeveloped 35mm or 120mm film, Click Incorporated can have those rolls of film developed off-site and can then scan and archive those photos.

Click Incorporated also performs photo printing and enlarging. Traditional print sizes range from wallets to 8x10 photos. For enlargements, the sizes range from 10x13 to 24x36, Jansen said.

Photo services at Click Incorporated aren't limited to photos taken with traditional cameras, however. The younger generation, Jansen pointed out, tends to take photos with their phones or apps.

"We can print your Instagram photos," said Jansen.

She added that photos are printed on archival paper with high-quality ink.

"It's an archival process that can last up to 100 years," she said.

Customers who want to learn more about their cameras or learn how to take better photos will soon be able to attend workshops at Click Incorporated. Jansen said the business will hold seminars to teach people about photography.

Though the business won't offer cameras, there are locally-made boutique accessories available, including Rhyah Papaya wrist and camera straps, and miki*knits camera and smartphone protectors. There are also some frames and photo albums, Jansen said.

Photographers and artists can also display their photos, paintings and drawings in Click Incorporated's Gallery.

For more information about the business, contacted the store at (224) 206-7278 or visit the Click Incorporated Facebook page. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The store is closed on Sundays.


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