Poll Results: Readers Have Advice for Bobby’s Owners

New Deerfield restaurant already has plans to offer some of what Patch readers suggest.

Bobby’s Deerfield owners Bobby and Augie Arifi plan to tailor their menu to local clientele when they open their eatery in October in for former location and Patch readers are wasting no time giving them ideas.

The Arifi brothers already intend to do some of the things readers are suggesting. The most recent Patch poll showed customers are looking for some of the Arifi’s innovations though it does not appear the leading vote getter is part of the program.

When readers were asked what kind of a restaurant they wanted to see in the space——their ideas showed variety.

Of the 27 who responded, nine wanted Mexican, five hoped for American while four each would like a health food restaurant or a steakhouse. Three prefer Asian and two wanted something else. Mexican fare is not one of the offerings Arifi mentioned to Patch, but many of the others were.

One reader, Roy Lipner, expressed a concern about Bobby’s predecessors in the space Arifi has already promised to alleviate. “It wasn't concept that closed both restaurants, “Lipner wrote. “It was the quality of customer service.”

Without knowing Lipner’s comment, Arifi already told Patch good service would be a hallmark. “We will have the same level of service we have at Café Lucci,” Arifi said of his existing establishment in Glenview.

While some readers complained about a number of local businesses, Peter Greenwald would probably suggest the Arifi brothers visit to see a local success. “I like Trax,” he wrote. “(I) was there with a group tonight. The place is busy good food (new menu). Sat outside, service was good. My company goes there a lot.”

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Barbara August 03, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Townhouse was not helped by the boarded-over windows. Despite the rather attractive appearance on the inside, from the Deerfield Road side, it always looked closed.
jack gordon August 03, 2012 at 11:00 PM
I know the Arifi boys well. They are hard workers that go out of thier way to make sure everyone walks out happy. I think they will be a great addition to the deerfield dining scene. Lets face it, for those of you that have eaten at the Cafe Lucci, the competion isn't exactly stellar. They competing against the following places: Rosebud, really let be serious, they have seen better days. Biaggi's, Olive garden with table clothes. The Italian Kitchen, nuts and bolts Italian, nothing special. I know Bobby and Augie will be a great addition to deerfield. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!!!!! I applaud them for taking over the townhouse space.
M V September 11, 2012 at 08:48 PM
I am new to Deerfield, but am not quite sure what the obsession is with Trax. I went with my family and could not be more disappointed with the food. Everything was obviously frozen and bland. I am aware that it is a "sports bar" but that is not an excuse to serve low quality "fast food". This new place would do itself well to provide an alternative to Trax. Quality without compromise and a fair price is not unattainable. Also, food and/or beverage deals during the week would seal the deal for me.


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