Trax Boosts Business on Social Media

Deerfield restaurant uses Facebook to communicate with customers. Eatery leads Readers’ Choice nominations.

Social Media may be a secret weapon in the success of .

About a year ago, after six years with the company and knew little about Facebook or other social media. He got some encouragement for a colleague—Matt DeLance—and big response from customers.

The use of new ways to communicate with customers may also be the reason Trax received more Readers’ Choice nominations that any other Deerfield business. Trax received nine nominations in the 13 food and drink categories. There are 25 total nominations.

“He (DeLance) told me ‘be yourself and it will work out,’” Cohn said. “Last night I posted ‘it’s summer, let’s eat’ and I already got one reservation. Sometimes I do something at 1:30 in the morning on Facebook.”

Cohn found it a convenient way to give customers instant satisfaction as well. The eatery ran a promotion on Facebook offering a coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of a first one. What happened if the customer did not have the coupon? The answer was easy for Cohn.

“Our wait staff had the customers get the coupon from Facebook on their smart phone,” Cohn said. “They can even control our jukebox from their phone. I’m going to learn how to Tweet,” he added explaining how he plans to expand Trax’s social media presence.

Trax introduced a new menu July 23 and Cohn has been letting customers know about that through Facebook with results. “We ran it on Facebook and got 60 rib orders,” he said. “We used to get six.”

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