Assault Weapons Don't Really Require Much Skill

They are just very effective killing tools.

It takes skill to shoulder a shotgun and accurately lead the trailing bird in the flock.  It takes skill to hold steady a Winchester 30/30 and hit a silver dollar at 50 yards. 
But, any amateur idiot can hit just about anything he aims at (and more) with an AK-47 and a 30 round clip.

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D'skidoc January 18, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Don't we try to keep the drunk from driving. We put interlocks on the ignition and we take away a license. Why not try to keep the crazys from having weapons. A car was intended to be used as transportation. A semi-automatic with a high cap magazine is intended to be used for what, target shooting? The fun of blasting a tree stump to smithereens is outweighed by the risk of a nut job getting his hands on what is ostensibly a legal firearm, and taking even one life, let alone dozens. IMHO
RonnieTheLimoDriver January 18, 2013 at 09:00 PM
By your logic we should actually put the interlocks on all ignitions, right? I mean, its not just raging alcoholics and people with many drunk driving convictions who drive drunk. All cars should have these safety devices. While we are at it, we should have governors that prevent cars from traveling over 65 miles an hour, right? I mean that’s the speed limit. Who needs to drive faster than that? We have plenty of studies that equate high speed with fatalities. We should probably disable cell phones from working while in motion as well. Heck, while we are at it, lets stop selling alcohol, shut down mcdonalds, and well you get the picture. Just so everybody understands, the vast majority of rifles and handguns sold in this country are semi automatics. The AR-15 was the top selling gun of all kind (rifles, handguns, shotguns) in the last year we have stats on it. There are at least 2 million of them current in circulation. So yeah, they are here to stay.
McCloud January 18, 2013 at 09:23 PM
Sure, while we are at it lets put a lock on your keyboard. After all the founding fathers knew nothing about the internet when they wrote the first amendment.
What a stupid article.
Charlie Scott February 03, 2013 at 12:28 AM
There is a reason that it is currently illegal for an individual to possess a Thompson Sub Machine Gun, an Uzi, C-4, a live Grenade, sticks of Dynamite or large Fire Crackers without a proper license. True, these products, in themselves, don't hurt anyone, but we really don't want to put them in the hands of our neighbor who likes to kill things. Same with an AK47.


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