Ten Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy During the Holidays

Stay healthy this holiday season by being Pro-Active about your health and following these simple common sense holiday lifestyle tips!

Do you wait until January 1st to make your "Annual New Year's Diet Resolutions?" Did you know that 88% of all New Year's Resolutions are broken within the first 90 days of the new year?  Let's make 2013 different and start our fitness resolutions Now!  What could be a better time to kick in commitment to your health and fitness goals than the week after the most fattening day of the year-THANKSGIVING?

At North Shore Pro-Active Health our goal is to keep patients consistently fit and healthy year-round, but even the best of intentions need support and reinforcement. Our goal this year is to reinforce our commitment to our health and fitness December 1st 2012 instead of waiting until January 1st 2013! Think of the calories and stress you will save yourself if you start now! Here are a few tips that might help get your through the most fattenting time of the year unscathed!

1.) Avoid Disaster with preparation! Buy the best individually wrapped chocolate you can find (80% or higher cacao content) and treat yourself to one piece per day.  Reward yourself with this treat in the evening as a reward for staying on track.

2.) Keep short term DAILY goals through the end of the year. Record what you eat, stick to your workouts and remind yourself to keep everything in moderation.

3.) Drink Plenty of Water! Now more than ever it is improtant to stay hydrated! Substituting one glass of carbonated water for a glass of wine at a holiday event not only saves you 100 calories a glass, it keeps sugar levels in check.

4.) Protein Plan Ahead! Eat a small protein rich mini meal BEFORE going to a holiday event! It is easier to stay strong in the face of high calorie Spinach - Artichoke dip and chips if you have some balanced protein in your system.

5.) Be Kind to Yourself! Allow yourself to try a taste of anything that appeals to you but limit yourself to a bite.  Even better, take a picture of what looks good to you and post on Facebook that you resisted temptation! (Zero Calories Tons of Fun).

 6.) Stay on Track! If you slip up, don't skip meals to "Make up for It!" Get back on track immediately. Make up for the extra cookies or martini the night before by throwing in an extra work-out.

7.) New Work-Out Routine! Don't wait until January to sign up for new classes. December is the best time to sign up for something to keep you active. Sign up for a few Zumba classes or try Spinning. Buddy up with a friend to keep you motivated. Kymberlee Kaye Raya, co-creator of The Zumba Team, says, "There is no better way to catapult yourself into fitness than by joining a Zumba class filled with hot international music and contagious dance steps.  The camraderie and positive energy is steeped in wellness!"

8.) Salad First! Never attend a holiday party or sit down to a holiday meal when famished! Instead of beginning the party or meal with appetizers, always eat a healthy large salad first.  Or, keep a protein bar or shake with you at all times and eat this BEFORE you allow yourself into the party.  This is just a simple way of protecting yourself and being kind to yourself.

9.) Slow is Always Better! Keep track of what you eat and eat it as SLOWLY as you can. You will feel more full if you let the digestion process start right in your mouth and you will feel more satisfied with what you eat if you take your time.

10.) Cleanse! The holidays are all about celebrating and over-indulgence. Celebration is great but over-indulgence brings more regret than satisfaction. Here's an idea; Don't wait to do a New Year's Cleanse to purge yourself of holiday over indulgence.  Instead, do a "Pre-Christmas Cleanse" early in December to help keep yourself on track and roll into the New Year fitter than before!

Eleven! I know, I know I said there were ten tips. #11 however, is to print this article and tape the hard copy to your fridge or near your desk so you can remind yourself every day throughout this holiday season that YOU ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY! Be well and Be safe!

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Brian Kennedy November 23, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I have found that keeping a set of resistance peddles under my desk at work has really helped me keep up with doing an offsetting amount of cardio while I am at work. I used to have a gym membership but ended up not using it often becuase of interest and work conflicts. I found my peddals at a thrift store for $3 bucks - they can also be bought on Amazon for a range from $30 - $100.
Jan Leasure November 23, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Thank you Brian for the interesting idea; I have a question. I am a loan officer and try to get out from behind my desk to move around but sometimes just can't. I like the idea of this "resistance peddles". But my question is this: i have long legs, do you have to raise your desk up so your knees don't hit the keyboard loft? I have even thought about getting one of those "treadmill desks" to keep moving while I work.
Brian Kennedy November 23, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Actually I had that problem initially. I turn the chair around and found an open piece of floor I could use and still remain seated. Eventually, I had the keyboard tray removed so I could work and pedal at the same time.
Jan Leasure November 23, 2012 at 08:06 PM
I was sitting at my desk trying to envision how I would do this WITHOUT removing the keyboard tray but that answers my question. Thank you!


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