Hadassah House Coming to Deerfield

High end resale shop will open third store in Chicago area at Deerfield Park Plaza.

Hadassah House will be opening at Deerfield Park Plaza.
Hadassah House will be opening at Deerfield Park Plaza.

Hadassah House, a high end resale shop with two Chicagoland locations, got its first nod from the Village Board of Trustees Monday to move its Highland Park location to Deerfield Park Plaza on Lake Cook Road.

The Board unanimously approved a recommendation from the Plan Commission to grant shopping center owner Sherwood Blitzstein a special use permit which will allow the organization to operate the store.

“This is a good use of the location and we’re happy to have you here,” Mayor Harriet Rosenthal said after the vote. The Village will now prepare an ordinance spelling out the details of the special use which should get a vote from the Board this year.

Currently generating $553,000 in revenue producing Illinois sales tax of $45,000, shopping center owner Sherwood Blitzstein expects the Deerfield location to outperform the existing business.

Blitztein also made it clear to the Deerfield Plan Commission, which gave its approval Oct. 24, all merchandise is brought to the store by donors eliminating the need for drop bins around the Village.

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Bernard Johnson December 07, 2013 at 11:51 PM
I've certainly nothing whatsoever against Haddasah, they perform some very valuable social service; however, I would take this opportunity to remind readers that a 'resale shop' is just another down-market enterprize to add to the already existing plethora of tire-stores, gas-stations, a mattress store, countless 'pop-up' seasonal stores and assorted eye-sores that fill the Village's prime real-estate among the 50+% space that is empty / not producing sales-tax revenues. Of course, the new medical care facility at the southeastern corner of Lake Cook Road at Waukegan Road also produced no sales tax to the Village [with the property next to it also being empty]. Is there any valid reason{s} why the so called 'management' of Deerfield can't get it [public property development and its management] even remotely right? Highland Park, Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills, etc, etc; it's time to replace tried and failed - repeatedly, 'management' in Deerfield and to bring in those who've a proven track-record of competency and success. Less reliance on ever-increasing real-estate taxes and fees on homeowners in Deerfield and some competent management - is that SO hard?


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