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Sign our petition to ensure the search for the next Superintendent is conducted by our chosen representatives. This is a crucial first step in returning the school system to a world class level.

In my last blog post I detailed the reasons for NOT wanting the current Board of Education to hire the next full time Superintendent.  Since then a group of parents and community members has formed to author a petition that will be circulated throughout the Village.  This petition gives the current BOE two options:

1) Appoint an interim Superintendent for the 2013-2014 school year and allow the next BOE to hire the next full time Superintendent.

2) Start the search but do not finalize the hire until after the next BOE is seated in April, 2013.

There is an online form of the petition that can be found at:


The petition clearly states what we want the BOE to do as well as the reasons for wanting it.  I encourage all of you to read the petition and, if you are not aware of the current issues, talk to fellow parents who are.  In the coming days, parents, community members, and even former students will be circulating the petition around the Village.

Over the last seven years there has been a clear deterioration of the instruction in our school system.  A system that has been presided over by this Board and this administration.  This petition sends a message that we have NO CONFIDENCE that the current BOE can hire a school leader who will reverse the direction of the district and return us to a world class school system.

This petition is a first crucial step along that path.  There will be much discourse in the coming months leading up to the April elections.  The community must make an informed decision on who we want hiring the next Superintendent, an individual who will be leading our schools for many years to come.  Thankfully, Board members will not be running unopposed as in the past.  Individuals will have to clearly state their vision for the school system and how their qualifications make them a good fit for setting its strategic direction.

So take the time to read the petition and sign it.  Even if you are a family with small children, this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for their future.

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Richard Heller July 09, 2012 at 02:09 PM
John, I agree wholeheartedly with you. It is clear that the current administration and the current BOE has shown some remarkably poor judgment over the last couple of years and the petition is an important way we can demonstrate our displeasure with both groups. Simply put, many of us simply distrust the board to make an altruistic, responsible decision. Their past personnel decisions frequently demonstrated self-serving undertones. Personally, I agree. It is time for the parents and community to insert the interests of the district into the board's decision-making procedure. Your petition starts the ball rolling. Inserting community interests into the process needn't be cumbersome or difficult. For example, District 109 already has a caucus system to vet potential board members. The board could use a similar system to vet the new superintendent. Regardless of the approach, I’m sure the board will recognize that this selection, more than any other, will become their legacy. How they handle it can make the difference between them leaving office as dunces or heroes. Personally, I'd like to see them as heroes.


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