State Republican Minority Leader Trying to Influence District 58 Race

Lauren Turelli, a status quo Republican candidate in District 58, would be pliant-like clay in the hands of Speaker Tom Cross.


Since Wednesday's blog post in which I voiced my unconditional support for Dr. Mark Neerhof over Lauren Turelli in the District 58 race, a new upsetting wrinkle has developed.

This wrinkle, as a conservative Republican, is unacceptable and offensive. http://lakeforest.patch.com/blog_posts/part-3-turelli-through-her-own actions-discredits-her candidacy

As one whose articles are published frequently at Illinois Review (a conservative site, editors Fran Eaton and Douglas LaComb), I was beyond disgusted when I noticed the following article posted at Illinois Review: "Cross invests in Turelli's primary battle"

In the aftermath of observing the "Cross invests in Turelli's primary battle" article at Illinois Review, my own article was subsequently posted at Illinois Review, submitted before I had any knowledge that more information was to be revealed about Lauren Turelli's District 58th campaign:

"Why I'm supporting Mark Neerhof in the 58th House GOP Primary" - Nancy Thorner, Lake Bluff

Just who is Tom Cross? He is the Republican Minority Speaker of the House in the General Assembly and a leading voice in the Illinois Republican Establishment. If elected, Turelli would be a member of the House under Cross' leadership. 

Cross, as Republican Minority House leader, has money to dole out to local candidate races here in Illinois (This explains to me where a major source of Turelli's funding is coming from).

Regarding the term, "Republican Establishment," it is not a new one. The Republican Establishment is being mentioned frequently in media talk about the on-going Republican presidential race.

It has been operating here in Lake County for many years and if often called "The Good Old Boys Club." Its members are not listed in a directory, but, as one in the know about Lake County political happenings, I can instantly spot establishment Republicans. They work behind the scenes in Lake County to elect those candidates they perceive are best for the party in terms of their survival as status quo Republicans interested in power and money.

In a future Patch blog post of next week, I will be bringing to light other candidates worth supporting and why, with an emphasis on the Republican Lake County Coroner race. The Lake County Republican Establishment has stepped way out of bounds with actions that are beyond despicable in that race.

Not surprising is that state establishment Republican, Cross, is attempting to determine the outcome of our District 58 race. This seems to be his mode of operation, but why?

Neerhof has definite ideas about how to reform Medicaid and Pensions. Neerhof is not just a talker, but he's also a doer who wants to go to Springfield to effect the changes that are so needed, without thought of power and money, especially in dealing with Medicaid reform as a doctor in the know.

Tom Cross isn't eager to have strong voices elected to the House who might bring forth ideas that run counter to what he is pushing in the House on a particular issue. Turelli is a status quo Republican candidate who would be pliant-like clay in the hands of Speaker Cross.

Are we as voters in District 58 going to allow Cross to meddle in the District 58th race?

I hope not. Neerhof stands head and shoulders above Turelli as a candidate who felt it necessary to fudge her educational record.

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Aimee Messner March 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Well said, Margaret. Thank you for your post and thank you to Nancy for her research and writing.
Ted March 10, 2012 at 03:26 PM
If more people were as engaged, involved, and caring about our community and the state as Nancy Thorner is, we would all be much better off and our corrupt state government wouldn't be the laughing stock of the nation. Having said that, this article is not about Nancy Thorner, it's about outside influence trying to sway our local election and I couldn't agree more! Let us locals determine who represents us, not entrenched politicians in Springfield.
Jen March 10, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Nancy's only agenda is publishing the truth, and for that her "neighbors" launch purely personal attacks against her integrity. Pathetic! I agree with Ted: if there were more people like Nancy Thorner digging up the facts and putting them out there we'd be in much better shape. Go Nancy!!
Gwen March 11, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Bringin' Down Briarwood February 18, 2013 at 06:29 AM
You guys make me laugh. The truth? Well researched? Well written? You're kidding, right? My personal favorite Nancy hatchet job covers almost all these areas ... " ... only the law-abiding gun owners would be affected by any new law, and the guns we may own are not a threat to anyone, anyway." This gem was written a couple days after the Newtown killings when the killer took registered firearms from his mother's house. Good research there, huh? Couldn't find that little nugget just anywhere except all over the country. Cheap hack is more like it,


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