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Church Trip interrupted NOT by Snow but by Police

This morning I tried to visit Zion Lutheran Church.  At Carlisle on Deerfield Road, an officer said that I could not go by because a power line was down in Highland Park but that I could get through if I went via Carriageway in Deerfield and came out on Deerfield Road.  Upon following Carriageway, I came out just East of the downed Power Line.  ComEd would not let me go West due to the low line.  What gives?  Is the Deerfield Police Department now against people going to church?  The young officer knew that the church was just in view but he did not use common sense to allow us to go to Worship.  Is Deerfield now a Police state, denying attendance at worship?  I thought that that was discussed at Zion Lutheran back in 1968.  Two  questions:  1)  Why did the Police not check out the clear path?  2) What prevented "common sense"?  The young officer was more impressed with himself than being a public servant.  I even saw the young officer shout at a church member and Zion's pastor when they tried to work it out.  I sure hope that more people got through.  That was the poorest public relations I have ever seen a police department exhibit.


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