Discount Dry Cleaning

In 1981 I built the first one price discount dry cleaning plant in Texas.
At that time we charged only $1.25 for any dry cleanable garment provided it was paid for in advance.
 We put an end to the discriminatory practice of charging women more to clean their garments, than we would charge a man to clean similar comments. We needed the extra space so we could put in two cleaning machines rather than one so we would be able to better accommodate our customers. We proved there is no reason to discriminate by the gender of the customer,& I went on to build a few hundred of these stores throughout the United States and Canada.
My quality was not only equal to but significantly better than our competitors because we had first class efficient machinery designed to clean and press today's garments.
The other drycleaners in town can do the same thing if they would invest the money to buy new efficient nonpolluting machinery.
Charles D. Gelfand,Pres.
Ambassador Drycleaning Eqpt. Co. Inc.
Dallas TX
Meshephelous January 31, 2014 at 05:51 PM
So why are you posting this in the DEERFIELD patch? Are you affiliated with CD One Price? You seem to have the same superficial rhetoric. The interesting this is that the "other drycleaners in town" CANNOT do the same thing as CD One Price because they are in sub-2000 sq ft locations while CD One Price is getting an exemption to fill 3000 square feet. And quite simply, why do we need a new huge dry cleaner when we already have 8 or 9?


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