Don't Forget to Use Your Imagination

These are letters from Deerfield residents, written to themselves at a previous time in their lives, about something they wish they would have known then.

The thing I wish I knew when I was younger was to nurture my intuitive abilities through my imagination.  I was often told, “Its only your imagination, do not pay it any attention.” 

Even though people meant well, because I may have been scared from a TV drama, diminishing the power of the imagination buried it deep inside of me and I forgot to remember how important it was to my intuition and inner knowing. 

This is what I wish I would have known then: 

Dear Rosemary,

You are now ten years old.  When you were a little child you lived in your imagination a lot, because deep down you knew it was the place where your spirit entered the easiest and guided you.  You may have even talked to your imaginary friends and worked out a lot of your fears in this place when you were a toddler and a preschooler.

Now people are telling you not to pay so much attention to it.  They mean well because sometimes you get scared from the wild world of your imagination. When they say  “It’s only your imagination,” they are right, it is, and it is precisely the place that you can hear your spirit the best. Your spirit would never scare you or hurt you so when that happens, you can politely tell the “scary monsters” that and they will just go away.

Here is the important thing.  You have a vivid imagination.  It is alive and energetic and pulsating with the life force that brought you here and I never want you to diminish your relationship with it. You can feel things and sense things and “know things.”

Those same well meaning people have forgotten how to do this.

So when they say, you have a wild imagination, and try to make you feel silly or “less than” because of it, run away from them really fast.

Go into the world of your imagination and find your old imaginary friends, who may be your angels, or just people in heaven who love and guide you. And on a day when you are feeling brave, I want you to politely say to these people, “Having a big imagination helps you with your inner-knowing and is a great thing. Don’t you miss yours?”




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