Eggs Cooked in Peppers

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Eggs: I love eggs any way I can get them. I eat breakfast for dinner, or for lunch or for an actual breakfast! I hope that my heart is not minding that I find eggs (especially organic or free range) just delightful to eat and delightful to look at! Weird I know!

I actually found this picture on my friend Holly’s Pinterest page and I had to have it! It’s almost midnight in Chicago and I know I have to go to bed but this picture makes me want to run downstairs and fry some eggs! Call me crazy.

The next time you come to my house for breakfast this is what we are making.  All I can think about right now is how do I make eggs for 10 people just like this and serve them simultaneously with side dishes and keep everything hot????  Help!

Eggs Cooked in Peppers Recipe!


  • Fresh Eggs
  • 3 large peppers, one green, one red, one yellow
  • salt & pepper
  • Pam, oil or margarine (your choice)


  1. Remove seeds etc from peppers; slice peppers into “rings” about 3/4″ in width.
  2. Coat frying pan with Pam, a small dollop of margarine or 1/2 tsp of oil (brush oil around pan)
  3. Place one ring of each color into hot pan, immediately drop one egg into each pepper ring and cook until sunny side up to your taste!

Since I am all about eggs today, I’ll share a few hints with the picture which is actually the real reason for my post!

  1. Always check the expiration date on the egg carton BEFORE you buy. If you are buying several dozen and don’t plan to use them immediately, make sure your expiration date is as far in advance as you can get it.
  2. Always test your eggs for freshness in spite of date on the carton. To determine freshness put eggs into a pan of cold water. If they sink they are fresh–”floaters” are spoiled. Discard spoiled eggs immediately. If they are dated as ”fresh” return to your store for a refund.
  3. To check freshness by looking, the shells of fresh eggs are rough and dull.
  4. The shells of stale eggs become smooth and shiny.
  5. If you hold an egg up to the light, a fresh egg will appear clear!
  6. Eggs should be kept refrigerated. (Scary: throughout my entire childhood we colored dozens of Easter Eggs; we left these hard-boiled beauties out for decoration-probably for more than 72 hours. We ate them and I am still alive ... amazing).
  7. To remove the shells of hardboiled eggs; tap the egg against the side of the pan to crack the shell. Begin peeling using your thumb. If the shell tears the egg hold the egg under cold running water and continue peeling.
  8. Or–Drain water from the boiled eggs.  Rinse in cold water.  Drain again. Cover pot and shake vigorously until all eggs are cracked. Peel immediately under cold water.  (I am no good at peeling. My hard boiled eggs always turn out like pitted concrete!  :(  ).
  9. When boiling eggs to make deviled eggs or other “whole egg” dishes, try covering the eggs in aluminum foil to avoid cracking while boiling!
  10. When storing egg-yolks, keep them in an air-tight container with enough water to cover them.  Three day limit, please!

Got some egg tips or simple recipes like this?  Gotta love eggs, share the wealth!


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