Elect Schneider for 'a Real Voice of Moderation'

Letter to the editor

It is ironic that the often cited bipartisan bill that is used to argue about Bob Dold's moderation really shows he supports driving jobs overseas and severely altering Medicare. It is pointed out that Dold co/sponsored with a mere handful of Republicans and Democrats the Cooper Latourette debt reduction plan which  Schneider has made clear he would not have supported.

If those citing this purported sign of moderation would have shared the details of the Cooper plan it would have shown Dold's true colors, since as noted by the Center on Budget Policy and Priorities it would be clear that this bill which Dold co-sponsored would 1) provide exemptions for foreign profits which would Encourage tax avoidance and shift jobs overseas 2) the proposal would cause "draconian cuts in Medicare and Medicaid in Future years and 3) contains "severe" cuts in discretionary spending - ver one hundred billion more than Simpson-Bowles commission. The discretionary cuts under the Dold sponsored bill over next  9 years would have been "greater than if full sequestration were allowed to take place". In other words it would have been worse than the often referenced "over the cliff" scenario.

Another difference is that Schneider supports the affordable care act and supports refinements to improve and strengthen health careto improve it. Dold however would start over and in effect throw the baby out with the bath water since he claims he supports some provisions which would be gone if the law is repealed as Dold as repeatedly voted for over 20 times. Dold claims he supports certain provisions but made no effort to protect them. Dold even if less extreme than some of his Republican collegues on his talking points has voted with the xteme right time and again and most notably twice for the Ryan budget which would eliminate Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher system.

Brad Schneider has made it clear that he would fight to protect Medicare for our seniors and for those under 55 for whom Dold would radically change the the system. On tax policy Schneider supports President Obama's approach which would keep tax cuts in place for the middle class but let them expire for the millionaires and the wealthy while Dold appears to support the Romney approach which most experts agree could not be sustained without tax increases to the middle class. Most importantly, Brad Schneider is committed finding moderate common ground with people on both sides of the aisle to end the deadlock in Washington while Mr Dold tries to makes himself out to to be a purported independent yet votes with and refuses to stand up to the right wing of his party.

It should therefore be no surprise Brad Schneider, not Bob Dold has the support of many Environmental and Pro-choice groups that had in previous elections supported Mark Kirk. This election is pivotal and it is critical that we elect Brad Schneider who will not vote with the radical right on major issues facing our Nation and who will be a real voice of moderation who will work with all for reasonable common sense solutions while fighting to protect our needed safety nets, and to create jobs at home rather than driving them abroad.

Elliott Hartstein

Buffalo Grove 

Dan Jenks October 28, 2012 at 12:54 AM
If Dold is a right-ringer for supporting Cooper La Tourette, then so were the 19 Democrats who also supported this bill. The phrase “the good is not the enemy of the perfect” comes to mind when reading your criticism – with the good being Cooper La Tourette (“C-LT”) and the perfect being some hypothetical plan that the Democratic Leadership will support in the future. Compromise means not everything is to your liking. Yes, C-LT doesn’t raise revenue as much as Bowles-Simpson – but, according to Center for American Progress (a left wing group), it does raise revenue as a % of GDP from to nearly 20% in 2022 from 14.9% in 2010 – versus Simpson-Bowles ("S-B"), which raises it to nearly 20.5%. A sizable difference, but again, a compromise. The truth of the matter is that President Obama didn’t support Simpson-Bowles and neither Nancy Pelosi nor Steny Hoyer, despite saying they supported S-B but not C-LT, lifted one finger to introduce S-B in the House. I’m voting for Obama, but if the criticism of Romney that he doesn’t disclose where he is going to cut deductions is true, then it is equally fair to criticize the Democrats for failing to disclose where they are going to cut spending. Honestly, I’m not sure the House Democrats are willing to cut spending – ever.
Dan Jenks October 28, 2012 at 12:56 AM
In the recent Lake Forest Debate, in response to the question, would you support Simpson-Bowles? Dold said “yes. Schneider says we will have to come together – to find bi-partisan revenue increases, spending decreases – but he isn’t prepared to commit to Simpson-Bowles, Rivlin-Domenci or any other plan. He indicates that “Congress will have to come up with a bi-partisan plan that everyone can understand the choices we made are the right choices for the future of this country” and “we can explain it in a way that will get more than 38 votes”. When Schneider says, “Congress needs to come up with a bi-partisan plan,” isn’t that Simpson-Bowles? Is there going to be a better bi-partisan agreement out there? Why can’t Schneider commit? Four possible reasons – none of them flattering to Mr. Schneider. First, perhaps Schneider is naïve about how Washington works. Second, perhaps Schneider hasn’t spent the time reading these proposals (should be job #1 for a congressional candidate). Third, perhaps Schneider is worried about alienating part of the Democratic base that is opposed to Simpson-Bowles. Fourth, perhaps Schneider just isn’t that committed to deficit reduction and solving our national debt problem. If saying "no" to Simpson-Bowles and all of the other deficit reduction ideas is "moderation", then I'm proud to be a right-winger!
george lemieux October 28, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Right-wingers love America. Independents love America. Left-wingers love America. Only Dold loves himself and is a right-winger, or independent, or left-winger, based on the circumstances. He has the character or a cockroach and when you see Dold's signs, you see the signs of a man who stands for nothing except himself. Just like Mark Kirk...Dold is all over the place and one couldn't depend on him. These spinless people should never be given the political power...they make a mess of everything while wearing the US flag on the suit...disgusting...Compare this Dold with Reagan or Obama...people admired and hated by half the country because of their public positions. Dold is a fake man not even his wife knows exactly how is he going to vote on anything...because Dold himself doesn't know...Shame on Republicans for supporting a cockroach like Dold...
Abigail October 29, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Now I know who to vote for--Elliott Hartstein has spoken. NOT! We can make our own decisions without you, Mr. Hartstein. Keep your opinions to yourself.
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