Endorsement Letter: Rotering Will 'Drill Into Tough Issues'

City Councilman Steve Mandel endorses Nancy Rotering for mayor.

will make a great Mayor for our community. She will generate creative and thoughtful debate amongst the City Council, resulting in good government and transparent representation. Nancy is inclusive by nature and practice.  Her leadership skills are demonstrated by forward thinking outcomes resulting from collaborating with fellow leaders within the City Council, on Commissions and throughout our community.

I first met Nancy many years ago as a neighborhood leader promoting preservation of the old Becker Estate (Segal property). Nancy Rotering spearheaded neighborhood efforts to keep that great old estate intact. She was successful in getting our attention to landmark the property and fending off development interests that wanted 10, 15 or 20 some units on this magnificent lakefront property. As a Plan Commissioner, Nancy demonstrated her knowledge of land use integrating an interest in historic preservation and environmental concerns. She was an effective advocate for the law and our community’s best interest. Demonstrating a respect and recognition of the public’s rights in balance with private property rights, Nancy provides leadership in protecting our historic properties while promoting growth within the boundaries of our Highland Park culture. 

Working with Nancy during the last few , I've seen that she constantly watches out for your money spent by government, requesting explanations and proof that all expenditures are valid. When Nancy finds waste and inefficiencies in government, she does not hesitate to raise the question, and promote discussion and elimination of wasteful spending. 

During the past six years, she has served us on the City Council, Plan Commission and Environmental Commission. Nancy Rotering has made a positive community impact on issues like reducing the size of government, creating environmental educational projects for our children, working to create a center for early childhood education and family counseling, promoting efficiencies and responsiveness in our city’s finances and making land use findings that have kept Highland Park the great community that we all enjoy. 

She has the smarts and independence to drill into the tough issues that face us. Receiving her undergraduate degree from Stanford, MBA from Northwestern and law degree from the University of Chicago plus work experience in finance, law and government, Nancy Rotering has the finest foundation to deal with our financial matters and policy choices to keep Highland Park a progressive leader in our nation!

Nancy Rotering as our City Councilman has demonstrated integrity, strength and the endurance to work for new sustainable ways of doing business in government. Nancy has demonstrated her worth in hammering away at budgets and wasteful spending. As Mayor, Nancy Rotering will continue to be a great leader who will make us proud. Please join me in voting for Nancy Rotering for Mayor of the City of Highland Park on April 5.

Larry Jones March 03, 2011 at 04:58 PM
First time i can completly agree with you, instead of people worry about the candidates taking a stand on the goplf course what is there stand on the bond issue
David Greenberg March 03, 2011 at 05:19 PM
Thank you Lee.
Samantha Stolberg March 03, 2011 at 07:03 PM
I have chosen to vote for Nancy for one major reason. She is a bridge builder. At a recent coffee, Nancy emphasized the need for city governments (Council, School Board, Park District) to reopen lines of communication that have been closed for years. She used the recent blizzard as an example. City works had the streets cleared by that 1st afternoon. Schools were closed a second day because snow drifts had piled up against the exit doors and parking lots needed plowing. She said that if there were better relationships between the government agencies, perhaps the City could have helped the Schools clear the snow so that the children would not have to miss that second day. When asked about the Schools at a Neighborhood Meeting (coordinated by Nancy), Terri Olian said that she can't tell the Board how to run the schools and "they can't tell me how to fix potholes." Period. Maybe she can't, but she's not even interested in trying. I'll be voting for the bridge builder.
Ed Brill March 03, 2011 at 07:12 PM
and as one final follow-up, I've learned this afternoon that Nancy's campaign staff has blocked me and others from being able to see their Facebook information, including their postings on Nancy's "all information is public" candidate page. So much for no negative campaigning.
David Greenberg March 03, 2011 at 09:22 PM
Just as an aside - for several years now I've been promoting the concept of intergovernmental cooperation to the City Council, both D112 and D113 School Boards, and the Park District in areas where it makes sense (e.g.:it wouldn't make sense for the City to try and dictate curriculum). With the economy being what it is, some have started to listen - it's my understanding that the City has started exploring regional partnerships with other municipalities to lower costs by increasing the economies of scale when they purchase things like road salt and tar. I also believe that the Park District and D112 have begun exploring similar partnerships. And D113 has some purchasing consortiums which they buy paper and other items from. These are all starting points, but I believe they all have a lot more work to do, and that by sitting down and figuring out the overlap - the Boards of these taxing bodies can gain efficiencies, and cost savings which could ultimately translate to a less onerous tax burden for all of us. If I'm elected to the D113 School Board - this is one of the issues that I will push to address. Visit my campaign website for more information: http://www.davidgreenberg.org


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