Host the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Decorating, food and game ideas to host a family-friendly football party

The Super Bowl is coming up and it's going to be a family affair. With the two Harbaugh brothers coaching the opposing teams in this year's ultimate football game, it's the perfect year to play off of that family rivalry and throw a family-friendly Super Bowl Party. These decorating, food, and game ideas that appeal to both kids and adults will help you score big as the hostess with the mostess.

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Psst! I have a lot more Football Party ideas on my Sports Themed Party Board on Pinterest. Check those out, too.


These free football party printables from the Hostess with the Mostess blog are awesome. She has some good looking snack recipes on the site, as well.

Grab some Astroturf flooring from your local Home Repair Store and lay it out on your table to make it look like a football field. Use white masking tape to create the yard lines. You can use green felt for this table covering as well.

How cute are these football juice box covers for your little toddler football fans? Kate at the AndEverythingSweet blog tells you how to make them.

If you have any football helmets, footballs, pom poms, or posters of favorite players, display them proudly around the food table or the TV. You’ll find some great kid-friendly football-themed decoration ideas here, as well.


These Football Pizza Pockets look so yummy. The kids will love how you cut the pie crust into football shapes.

This Touchdown Taco Dip looks impressive but isn’t that hard to pull off. You can make it easier by just spreading store bought guacamole on the bottom of cookie sheet to look like a football field and then "draw" the sidelines and yardlines with sour cream. So cool looking!

Layer oval-shaped Ritz crackers with salami and cheese cut into a football shape. Draw the laces of the football with ranch dip on top.

I love these football cupcakes from The Baker Chick where she ices the top of cupcakes with chocolate icing in the shape of a football and then uses white icing to draw the laces of the football on top.

Another fun and easy dessert would be these Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Footballs. Dip the strawberries in chocolate then use white icing to add the laces to the side.


Cut some football shapes out of brown construction paper. Have everyone write their name and prediction for the final score of the game on a paper football. At the end of the game give a prize to the closest guess.

Have some nerf or small footballs in a basket by the door. If the weather is good, have everyone burn some energy outside by playing catch. If the weather is bad, try your garage or basement.

Kids bored with watching the game? Have them create their own team pennants. Buy some large foam sheets in different colors and cut them into a long triangle shape. Buy some stick and peel foam letters and shapes to let the kids decorate.

Print out this Tic Tac Toe Bingo Game for the kids. Use candy for the game markers. Since I usually find the ads more exciting than the game, I loved these Rate the Super Bowl Ads free printables.

Are you having a Super Bowl Party this year? What are some of your favorite snack or game ideas for a football-themed party?


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