'Illinois Needs More Public Servants Like Sid Mathias'

Letter to the editor

I’m proud to write this letter in support of my friend Sid Mathias for State Representative. 

I am not happy with the direction of my home state. I can’t take it anymore. I cannot vote for someone whose first vote in Springfield will be to reelect Mike Madigan as Speaker of the House. All that will do is continue the exact same policies that have led us into this mess. 

Instead, I want the guy who continues to ignores the partisan bickering and political gamesmanship and instead works quietly to try to get things done. We’ve already seen how things can grind to a halt when we don’t have statesmen in office (see: Washington DC). The state of Illinois needs more public servants like Sid Mathias in office. I’m proudly casting my vote to reelect the original.

Randy Finfer

Buffalo Grove


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