ISRA Shuts Down... Anti-Conceal Carry Advocates in Glenview!

The gun-control groups that had been scheduled to make presentations by Rep. Laurie Fine (D) of Glenview, were turned away by Glenview Officials, because Rep.Fine failed to make proper arraingements for the controversial meeting. The ISRA Members attending the meeting were expectec to be in the hundreds and not willing to stand by quietly as the Anti-Second Amendment Advocates spewed their lies and propaganda. The days of standing by and letting our Constitutional Rights be trampled on, are over. We will be at a Police Station or anywhere else the enemies of freedom wish to hold a meeting that is intended to find support in violating our 2nd Amendment Rights. 
Dan Cox January 23, 2014 at 09:24 AM
Ah, it is a great day to be an Illinois resident...finally the gun-owners of Illinois are being mobilized in masse to confront and debate the Anti-Conceal Carry Advocates and Anti-Second Amendment Advocates. We even succeeded at making the negative voices on the Patch to sit down and be quiet, WOW! When the truth is clear, the speakers of false and incorrect information are made self conscience of their weak and false stated position... then their voices of lies and propaganda fall silent. Rep. Laurie Fine had assembled the most powerful Anti-Second Amendment speakers of the Chicagoland area, but their voices fell silent, in the face of a debate of the facts.
Dan Cox January 30, 2014 at 09:00 PM
glenview.suntimes.com Stop Conceal Coalition, Founder Mr. Lee Goodman admits to working for the dismantling of the Second Amendment...the truth is exposed!


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