Letter to the Editor: School Chest Shows Best of DHS Students

LUNGevity leaders shower praise on Deerfield High School students' School Chest effort.

During current difficult times in the world, across the nation, and even close to home, the students of Deerfield High School (DHS) remind us of the kind and giving spirit of teenagers right here in our community. The recent efforts of DHS School Chest are a heartwarming example of what our kids, supported by their teachers and our community, are capable of. 

School Chest is a 3-week fundraising effort that was five months in the making. Led by DHS Student Council Juniors Samantha Gottstein and Graham Ambrose, School Chest 2012 co-chairs, the DHS student body chose LUNGevity Foundation as their beneficiary. These amazing kids took to heart the ties that LUNGevity has to Deerfield and understood that many people at DHS and in our community have been devastated by lung cancer. Joining the fight against this horrible disease, the DHS students saw past the stigma and made this cause their own. They did this with energy and passion like we have never seen. It was truly an honor to get to know these kids and be a part of their efforts. We can’t imagine anything else we do for the Foundation meaning more than being a part of this inspiring effort.

The DHS students and their supporters did everything in their power to make 2012 School Chest the most successful in its history – and it was! Through enormous dedication and hard work implementing numerous events daily, DHS School Chest raised a record $135,000!! But just as important as the money they raised for lung cancer research, is the awareness they brought to this cause. They started an important conversation. They helped to erase the stigma, educate the public, and incite change. This is invaluable because lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer and the least funded of all cancers. These young voices will help change the course of this disease.

We know that DHS and these inspiring students will serve as role models for high schools and teenagers across the country. Whatever the cause – teenagers CAN make a difference – we just saw it happen in Deerfield. We know these kids, our kids, will inspire others to do the same.  We are so grateful to know these very special DHS students and have them on LUNGevity’s side!

With thanks and admiration,

Jill Feldman, Sue Bersh & Cathie Levitt

Proud DHS Moms & LUNGevity Volunteers


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