My Deerfield Restaurant Wish List

I have so many restaurants on my Deerfield wish list-Italian really wasn't there.

restaurant is opening this fall in the former Townhouse/Red Star location. While I am excited the owners of Cafe Lucci in Glenview thought Deerfield was a good place to open a new restaurant, I am not overly enthused about their concept.

Within a two minute walk, we will now have , , Bobby’s, , and . Shall we just start calling Deerfield “Little Highwood” with all the Italian restaurants? There are so many other types of restaurants I would love to see in our town.

The first thing out of many friends mouths when I asked what type of restaurant they wished was in Deerfield, without hesitation, they all said yogurt.

Highland Park has Love’s, Menchie’s, and Frost--offering multiple flavors of Italian sorbet plus gelato— as well as a DQ. Highland Park is just kicking Deerfield’s rear end in this food group. We do have Baskin Robbins in multiple spots across town, but a low fat yogurt, gelato; sorbet store would have lots of happy customers without a doubt.

I also have Highland Park envy when it comes to Mexican restaurants. Deerfield has Chipotle-which I’m not really sure can be officially referred to as Mexican, but it is as close as we get. Highland Park has Tamales, Casa de Isaac and Moishe, Las Palmas and Taqueria Los Mogotes-without even driving into Highwood.  I would have loved to see an affordable delicious Mexican restaurant in town.

I have also become a very big fan of late of a couple local chains, California Pizza Kitchen in Northbrook Court and The Cheesecake Factory in Lincolnshire. With their large menu options, care in catering to allergy and gluten free diets and wide range of prices, my family happily dines there often.

Due to the size of their companies, they have taken great strides in accommodations for allergies and we are always so happy eating there. While I know due to their proximity to Deerfield, the likelihood of their opening in our town is slim; I would love it if they moved closer.

Another concept that I think has real possibilities is more in-store made-to-order options at Whole Foods. At lunchtime, they get a huge crowd already purchasing sandwiches, salads and pizza, items from the hot bar. There is even sushi. At the Whole Foods in Northbrook, and even more so in the city, they offer made-to-order noodle dishes, a deli, BBQ shack, burger joint and more within the store. 

Finally, I would really love to have a healthy, interesting, delicious restaurant option that is reasonably priced that the entire family could enjoy. Salads, soups, sandwiches, main courses, vegetables, vegetarian and gluten free options would be plentiful. A menu that changed with the seasons and was all homemade would be a mainstay for me. Too bad it will remain only a thought in my head.

Bobby’s has stated the vegetables will be organic, the fish sustainable and they will try to cater to local tastes. Word is that Cafe Lucci offers superior service and delicious food. Let’s hope Bobby’s can stand out in our town. Maybe offer a yogurt bar?

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Phil Abuster August 30, 2012 at 01:53 PM
In order to have your wish list come true you either need a Genie or a proactive board in Deerfield who can go out and attract these types of businesses, my money is on the Genie.
Bringin' Down Briarwood August 30, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Starting to agree with Phil about the true root of this problem. Some of these suggestions are absolute no-brainers. EVERYBODY - and I mean everybody - knows what the village is lacking, yet, the village leaders seem to take very few steps to remedy the problems. It probably also says something that the only restaurants we seem to be able to get have well-established bucks behind them. God forbid a few nice small mom-and-pop shops be given the circumstances to get an opportunity. Time to look at how Deerfield does business.
RonnieTheLimoDriver August 30, 2012 at 02:38 PM
I admire your passion on this topic. Why don't you take a more active role. You can volunteer for one of the many committees that are working on this, or connect with the Chamber of Commerce.
Bringin' Down Briarwood August 30, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Thanks for the comment, Ronnie, but you better watch what you ask for. I may want to include a limo tax (JK :) ). I've had similar thoughts. I agree that I don't like being strictly an Internet loudmouth (and that's all I profess to be). I try to back it up with "some" actions when I can. For instance, I had some good direct communication with the mayor and one of the trustees on the Deerbrook issue. It helped teach me a LOT about her thought process and ... well, let's just say it wasn't very progressive. I'll leave it at that. But there's GOT to be someone out there with more of a history and experience with the town than me, who has only lived here less than two years. But even in that time, the problems are soooooooooo obvious.
ppierce August 31, 2012 at 03:27 PM
True there are a bunch of Italian restaurants in a couple of block radius but lets not forget that they are pretty much terrible. A good Italian restaurant would be welcome. Also, dont get me started on our Whole Food's. It is by far the worst Whole Foods i have ever been to. The prepared food is awful and the choices are very limited. They need to expand their "take and make" choices too. I find myself going to Sunset in HP for all dinner options. They have pre-marinaded skirt steak, chicke etc... to bring home and grill. Whole Foods has pre cooked stuff which when reheated isn't very good.


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