Reality TV: The Train Wreck I Can’t Stop Watching

Is anyone out there addicted and obsessed too?

Reality TV shows that air over the summer are just absolute train wrecks. They are terrible, offensive and completely ridiculous but I can't turn them off. I know I don’t have to watch. But I can't do it. I continue to tune in and obsess about the people who are in them. 

“The Bachelor Pad” is an absolute train wreck. The first episode of these singles living in a house competing as couples to win money was three hours long. Three hours! The portrayal of each of these individuals makes one look crazier than the next.

I am becoming convinced this show is rotting my brain. Why would I want to watch these singles freak out at one another, pretend to fall in love with one another and lie to one anothers faces just for fun? But I do and I embarrassingly admit I love it. I sit and crack up at the craziness. It is fun. And completely ridiculous.  

"Big Brother" is another reality show that is only on in the summer. The general idea of the series is they lock 16 people in a house with cameras watching their every move, have competitions and one person gets evicted from the residence each week. The winner takes home half a million dollars.

There is always great drama on "Big Brother". Big fights, showmances, backstabbing, alliances-and through all this you become invested as a viewer. It is on multiple times a week, they make the players do ridiculous activities and it is fun. After being in that house for a long period of time, many players start to go more than a little crazy. It is more than a little entertaining and a show I look forward to every summer.

With all of my summer reality TV watching, I also consider myself an “old-school” reality TV watcher. In addition to my summer loves like "Big Brother" and "Bachelor Pad",  I enjoy “Survivor”, “American Idol”, “Real World/Road Rules Challenge”, and “The Biggest Loser” during the year.

“The Real World” definitely started the entire genre back in the early 90’s and it has exploded since then. Shows like “Jersey Shore”, “The Housewives of Whatever” and “Teen Mom” have taken over the cover of every weekly entertainment magazine. But I don’t watch them. And I definitely don’t watch “Hoarders”, “Bridezillas” or “Toddlers and Tiaras”.  I have my reality TV standards to live up to. But can I even call those standards?  

With many of my favorite summer reality shows coming to an end, I look forward to finding out the winners and watching the others try to smile as they lose. Nothing is better than watching a player getting in a really good last word before their fifteen minutes of fame is over. It makes for horrible, ridiculous and bizarre reality TV.  But I'll be watching!


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