STUNTS 2011 Puts on Another Amazing Show

X Marks the STUNTS 2011 puts on another fantastic show full of diverse talent.

While growing up in Deerfield, I noticed that many of my classmates had a tremendous amount of talent. Whether it came to music, acting, singing, or other unique skills, I knew I was surrounded by a community that contained a lot of talent.

Once I got to high school, I attended my first show and was blown away. STUNTS is a production put on each year at showcasing many different types of talent throughout the student body.  This year’s “X marks the STUNTS 2011” once again proved to the students, staff and community, that DHS has incredible talent. 

One unique aspect to STUNTS is that unlike most school talent shows, STUNTS is completely student run.  The entire set, staging, organizing and directing is run by the students at Deerfield High School.

This year’s Executive Producer was senior Maddie Ambrose. Along with an additional 20 students on the STUNTS board, she worked diligently to put on a fantastic show which many will never forget

Wide Variety of Acts

The STUNTS board does a brilliant job at taking in a wide variety of acts, all containing unique and impressive talent. One student performed a magic act modeled after the great Houdini. Another group had a rapping dual and three girls danced while glowing in the dark.

Theater classes performed comedy skits that had the crowd roaring with laughter. Two bands performed songs, and there were also a few guitar and piano acts with brilliant singers.

In addition to the 21 board members, a stage crew composed of about twenty students managed lighting, sound, and set arrangement fluidly and flawlessly throughout all three performances.

I had the opportunity to take some time and ask Maddie Ambrose a few questions about the STUNTS production and what went into the process. Maddie was elected to be Associate Board Member last year which automatically put her in the spot of Executive Board Member for this year’s production.

Twenty additional students were elected through applications to join her on the board. Maddie stated that one of the biggest challenges involved with STUNTS was peer counseling the students in the show. “No one wants to listen to their peers on what to do,” she said. 

When she had me change my act, initially, I was hesitant, although I have to admit she did an excellent job at making the show perfect. When asked how she felt STUNTS went, Maddie said she was so proud that everyone came together and put on a spectacular show with a lot of unexpected talent.

Best Performance in Past Four Years

Maddie told me she got a lot of positive feedback from both peers and adults which I can also confirm. I heard from multiple people that this year’s STUNTS was “the best STUNTS performance of the past four years.”

To hear that phrase multiple times about a show that was put on by my peers makes me proud to be a part of Deerfield High School. Maddie put it in perspective.

“STUNTS is amazing because it’s completely created by the students and that takes a lot of time, commitment and effort,” Maddie said. “In the end, everyone involved is part of the final product and knows that they had fun along the way.”

In my opinion, STUNTS put on another amazing show this year. Deerfield has always had a tremendous amount of talent and STUNTS has proven this once again. If you happened to miss out on STUNTS this year, you missed out on a great show.  Fortunately, during the first week of December, STUNTS puts on a production every year, so definitely try to make it next time.

Deerfield Idol and Mr. DHS were two additional fun nights of entertainment that showcased even more talent here at DHS.


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