Unseasonable Weather - Do You Like it or Not?

Not all are in favor of this abnormal weather

Editor’s Note—As you read this, Patch columnist Danny Katz may be getting his wish. His cherished snow is due to arrive today. 

If you take a look around Deerfield, you might notice an aspect of our weather that is different from previous years. You might even say that something is actually missing. 

Although some of you might be thrilled, I actually find it to be quite disappointing.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is January in Chicago, and there is absolutely NO snow on the ground.

The change in weather could be due to our winter being delayed, or we might just finally be seeing the drastic effects of global warming. Whatever the reason, I am very upset with the lack of snow that Chicago has seen.

Many of you, on the other hand, have loved the spring-like temperatures and sunny days that we have been experiencing. With the temperatures this past week being in the 50’s, I have seen many Deerfield residents outside enjoying activities such as playing basketball, walking their dogs and running. I have even seen a few convertibles with their tops down.

I will admit, while this weather is nice, I still love the snow. I honestly miss the white blanket covering front yards, roofs of the suburban homes and the fields everywhere. I miss waking up to seeing snow on the branches of trees outside my window. 

Every morning this year I anticipate the day when I wake to open my eyes and see snow, but I have yet to experience this magical moment. However, the real aspect of snow that I am missing out on the most is one of my favorite winter activities—snowboarding!

As far as I know, skiing and snowboarding are pretty difficult, or next to impossible, to participate in without snow. Luckily, local resorts such as Alpine Valley and Wilmot Mountain have snowmakers, which are able to shoot mass amounts of chilled ice/water mixtures into the air, which freezes and falls to the ground as snow. 

Although many people call this snow “fake,” I’m pretty sure frozen water on the ground that’s white is more often than not considered to be snow. With snow on mountains comes skiing and snowboarding. 

I have been able to go snowboarding four times so far this year and have had so much fun on the man-made snow. I will admit the surface isn’t quite as great as true snow from the sky, but because I feel fortunate enough to be out having a good time. I love it. It does seem a little strange being on the chairlift and looking out at the grassy fields.

While I still await a true snowfall, I do enjoy seeing people outside running and biking and truly taking advantage this strange weather. I know there are many out there who share my feeling for this lack of snow.

Fortunately for me, and for everyone else who wants a winter wonderland here in Deerfield, it looks like snow is on the way. Until then, go out there and soak up as much sun as you can while it lasts.

Carlos Pero January 12, 2012 at 03:54 PM
We took our 10 yr old skiing for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and he loved it. So we all got new ski equipment for Christmas. Can't wait to try them out on the new snow.


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