UPDATE: 911 Call: Adult Men Beating Boy with a Bat in Palatine

Palatine resident calls 911, says a group of adult men are beating a juvenile with a baseball bat in the street.


Officers did not find a bat at the 2100 block of N. Heather Lane on Tuesday night, according to Palatine Police Cmdr. Kurt Schroeder.

Original reports from the 911-call card stated a 25-year-old man was found holding at a baseball bat but after speaking to the officers who responded to the fight in progress call, Schroeder said that is incorrect.

Police did not find a baseball bat but that does not mean a beating did not happen. Schroeder said, “If someone calls 911, chances are something happened.” According to Schroder if officers thought there was no real incident the call would have been coded as an “unfounded report,” that did not happen in this case.


The Palatine Police Department responded to a fight in progress call at the 2100 block of N. Heather Lane Tuesday night.

The 911 caller said four to five men were beating a boy with a baseball bat near a white van parked at the Heritage Manor condominium complex.

When police arrived at scene on N. Heather Lane Palatine Police Cmdr. Kurt Schroeder said, “We were told there were a bunch of juveniles were fighting out there.” At the sight of flashing lights, most if not all of the juveniles scattered.

As people began to disperse officers located a group of four to five adult men with one baseball bat near a white van parked at the end of N. Heather Lane, where the street comes to a dead end.

According to Schroeder, a 25-year-old man was holding the baseball bat but officers did not see the man use the bat in the fight. “It was in his hand but he was not using it when officers arrived,” Schroeder said.

Just as the 911 caller reported, Palatine Police Officers located the van, the group of men and the baseball bat, but no victim.

As police began to look for a possible victim officers were quickly cautioned. According to the radio call, at least one of the adult men was known to Palatine's Gang and Tactical Unit. 

The 911 caller could not identify the victim and did not recognize any of the adult men. At the scene the caller asked officers to conceal the information that was initially given during the 911 call, according to Schroeder.

About a dozen people who live in the condominium complex refused to speak about the fight on Thursday afternoon.

One resident who asked to remain anonymous claimed to be a witness to Tuesday night’s beating. With a clear view of N. Heather Lane from the front window, the witness admitted a fight did occur, a baseball bat was used and one juvenile was involved. The witness did not know the victim and did not know the extent of the boy’s injuries.

According to police, no one was transported to the hospital and no injuries were reported Tuesday night. Schroeder said, “If there is no victim, no injuries, really nobody to talk to, there is not much we can do.” Schroeder said no witnesses were available or willing to speak to officers. In an area where there are reports of gang activity, people typically do not want to speak to the police, Schroeder said, “Yea, that’s usually the way things go out there.”

With little to work with, Palatine Police Department concluded its 30-minute investigation at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday.

No arrests were made and no police report was filed. The 25-year-old who was found holding the baseball bat was issued a trespassing warning.

Brenda Shields September 14, 2012 at 06:58 PM
You don't need medical insurance to buy a box of Trojans Mrs. Evans.
Brenda Shields September 14, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Mrs. Evans will do nothing of the sort because that would mean work on her part. She is only on this board to complain about what a bunch of uneducated souls we are because we had the audacity to complain about the ghetto part of Palatine. Mrs Evans only cares about making excuses. I assume because she also must live near by or has been in a similar situation. There is always a choice Mrs. Evans. You either choose to be affiliated with gangs, or you don't. You choose to keep your home looking like a train wreck inside or out, or you clean it. These are easy choices. However, the landlords of these properties do a horrible job of weeding out the riff raff, maintaining their buildings, and making them safe. The Police do a horrible job of patrolling those high crime areas. (How many times do we see them driving through the nicer parts of town, and totally neglecting the eye sore where the real crime is happening? Another example is two squads in a business parking lot and the Officers just chatting?) The Police need to make their presence known and felt in these areas. The landlords need to do a better job of maintaining their buildings. Mrs. Evans - you need to stop making excuses.
Mrs.Evans September 14, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Thank you that was all I was trying to say "No one should insult an entire neigborhood based on what they see when driving through it. Not every one of those apartments is filthy on the inside." I have filed several complaints myself. I will continue to do so because I know the community can do better. Have a great day!
Mrs.Evans September 14, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Brenda, I am not on here only to complain. But I find it ironic how your whole comment is directing to me. Isn't that what you are doing about me? I thought so. If you must know I grew up in that exact area! So yes, I am quick to defend it. Everyone is so quick to judge and group everyone into one category and ASSUME they are bums. Well, for your information after finishing Palatine High School I moved out, pursued a college career at NIU through loans and am now obtaining my masters at Roosevelt. So I completely agree with you we all have choices. Some people choose to be lazy some go out to work. What I cannot let happen is having people like yourself and whoever else is reading this feel the same way about people living there. CD Bloom is the only one with common sense.
Mrs.Evans September 14, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Either way the whole community needs some major attention and not the negative kind. I decided to move back to Palatine for that reason. I am involved in that community. I know a lot of the officers who have to deal with the sec 8. We put up a lot of activities for the families. What are you doing to help? No one is making excuses in fact majority of the readers here are the first ones to speak very negatively about the area but would dare not work for them to get it cleaned up. Be there do some community work, show some empathy while you are at it and just maybe little by little the community will know we care. And as a WHOLE Palatine will get better.God bless! (Sorry for the lengthy response and my life story)


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