GUILTY: Marni Yang Convicted of Murder

Judge announces verdict after four hours of jury deliberations.

Marni Yang was found guilty of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child Tuesday.

The jury convicted her of killing 42-year-old Rhoni Reuter in her Deerfield condo back in 2007. Reuter was six months pregnant with the child of former Bears player Shaun Gayle. At the time, Yang was also romantically involved with the Super Bowl winner.  

The prosecution described the murder as an "execution" in court Tuesday during closing arguments. “A very planned, thought out execution,” lawyers said and claimed Yang was obsessed with "eliminating her competition." 

Gayle along with Reuter’s family were in court when the verdict was handed down, as well as members of Yang’s family. Yang showed no emotion while the verdict was being read.     

Sentencing is scheduled for April 29, Yang faces a minimum sentence of life in prison. 


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