Name Hurled at U of C Doc Accused of Exposing Himself Leads to Argument, Charges

Two men face charges after police say one of them yelled at a doctor accused of exposing himself to boys in Deerfield. The other man was defending the doctor.

Two men face charges after they got into an argument after police say one of them hurled a taunt at a prominent University of Chicago doctor who was charged last month with exposing himself to minors in Deerfield, according to the Lincolnshire Review.

Jeffrey I. Frank, who lives in Lincolnshire, is accused of masturbating at an open window, which faced an atrium where he was seen by two 13-year-old boys. He’s been charged with misdemeanor public indecency and disorderly conduct for the incident, which police say happened in early May. 

On May 24, he was hosting friends at his home when police say Jeffrey B. Hooper, 45, of the 200 block of Surrey Lane in Lake Forest, drove by and yelled “predator!” at Frank, according to the Review article. This prompted Frank’s friend, Morris S. Kharasch, 56, of the 1800 block of Midland Avenue in Highland Park, to go out to the street to defend Frank, making what police said was physical contact of an insulting and provocative nature.

Hooper has been charged with disorderly conduct and Kharasch has been charged with battery, the article states.

You can read the full Lincolnshire Review article here.


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