Patch Reviews the Year in Deerfield: Dog Fetches Trash, Scam Chilled

For the rest of the year read Patch’s 10 most popular stories determined by reader views. Today features No. 5 and 6.

A lot has happened in 2011 in Deerfield and Patch will be reviewing the highlights this week with a series of articles counting down the 10 most popular stories each day through Saturday.

On Tuesday No. 9 and 10 were revealed while No. 7 and 8 were published on Wednesday.

No. 5. which conned one Deerfield septuagenarian out of $2,200 May 20 with the arrest of Tom Miller. 

Miller was part of a group offering home repair for $22 and charging much more. When the latest victim was charged $2,200, police were called. Since Miller gave the victim his name police were able to make the arrest. 

No. 6.

Rather than have his Labrador Retriever Max fetch a ball, Sanderson substituted a bottle. Once Max became proficient, the two spent their daily walks picking up trash. 

Friday Patch will highlight its third and fourth most popular stories of the year.


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