Safety a Serious Concern for Residents at Rand Grove Village

People at Rand Grove Village fear the apartment complex is now more dangerous than ever.

The playground, benches and sidewalks at Rand Grove Village are all empty; the entire courtyard is quiet, completely vacant, Tuesday afternoon.

“They are afraid,” one woman said as she scurried from her car to the front door of her apartment building. “People think something is going to happen and no one wants to get caught in the middle of it.”

In fear of her own safety, the resident asked to remain anonymous, “I can’t risk it,” the woman said. “There are a lot of gang members who live out here and it’s just too dangerous.”

A resident at Rand Grove Village for less than a year, the mother of four said she’s already seen too much violence at the apartment complex. “There was a gang fight not even a week ago, and then another just the other day, right where Corey got stabbed, there was a gang fight.” And now, the woman said she believes things at Rand Grove Village are about to get a whole lot worse.

against the 22-year-old man who stabbed and killed,, residents fear Frazier’s friends will try to retaliate. “I don’t want to know what could happen to me or my kids if we stay here any longer," the woman said.

On Sunday, Aug. 19, 21-year-old Corey Frazier was stabbed to death in the courtyard at the 700 block of E. Rand Grove Lane in Palatine. Ruled an act of self-defense, the Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges in Frazier’s death.

“It’s very concerning,” the woman said Frazier was her neighbor, “I never thought a murder would happen so close.” While she never expected something like this to happen, the woman said with the amount of violence she has seen at the complex, no one should be surprised. 

The woman said she's lost all hope, “This has been going on for months and now someone is dead, it’s really sad.” According to the woman, Frazier and the man who stabbed him had been feuding for months.

According to the Palatine Police Department, the victim, Frazier make repeated threats to physically harm the 22-year-old man who stabbed and killed Frazier Sunday night.

“The police are out here all the time but nothing seems to get done,” the woman said the violence out there has only escalated. “There has been a lot of stuff that has happened this year and no one has done anything about it,” the woman said, “The managers here don’t care, that’s obvious.”

Surveillance cameras are located inside the apartment buildings at Rand Grove Village but there are no cameras on the outside of the buildings, where residents said most of the violence occurs. The Rand Grove Village property manager declined to comment on the stabbing or the amount of violent crime that takes place at Rand Grove Village.

After Sunday night’s deadly stabbing and Tuesday’s ruling to not press charges, the woman said she has no choice, “Now I know I have to move, I’ve got to get out of this danger zone.”

Shawn August 24, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Cheap rents and section 8 housing where government pays the landlord also brings more crime into an area and unfortunately the innocent are caught in the middle.
CD Bloom August 24, 2012 at 12:28 PM
I agree with Shawn and Kaitlin. Having worked in a Section 8 complex, first as a volunteer at community center operated by an offsite not for profit, then with a private property manager operating subsidized housing, the system is not designed to protect the honest, the innocent, nor the frail. I am SAD and ANGERED that we, as neighbors, taxpayers, honest clients of, and workers within the benefit systems have not been able to unite in one voice to say to the politicians and owners that we are tired of being squeezed in the middle. Our safety, our time, our money, our future, our economy is at risk because of cowardly bureaucrats.
G August 24, 2012 at 02:53 PM
How nice that you have choices that allow you to live wherever you want to live. The majority of the people in the "tougher" parts of the suburbs are living where they can afford to live, pinning hopes on the promise of a better environment than the city...and for the most part, they are right - the life IS better, it IS safer. However, there is still the problem of "fatherlessness" and the life the gangs offer the young boys is an unfortunate substitute for either absent fathers or fathers who have no idea what it really means to be a man. And so the cycle continues. Do not be so quick to judge others as being so alien and different from yourself. It would only take a few circumstances in your own life to change and you'd be in the same situation as them. Have compassion. Be helpful. They are just like you.
Erica Gregory August 25, 2012 at 12:58 AM
I always knew this neighborhood was bad. Never was a fan of it it actually scared me to go in there but after this I will never go near there.
Erica August 25, 2012 at 01:01 AM
I agree with Kelly K also I live in Palatine right near here and all there is is gangs over there ..it's not a good community it never was First a drive by shooting in June Now a murder???? Parents should be very concerned for there children.. that area is definately not the place to live or for children to grow up...Palatine is getting to be very dangerous because of all this gang violence and innocent people are getting killed ..ridiculous.


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