Vernon Township Man Killed in 3-Car Crash Sunday

Cesar Salas, 39, of Prairie View, was pronounced dead following a three-car crash on I-294 near Lake County Road in Deerfield.

A Vernon Township man was killed following a three-car collision at about 6:45 a.m. Sunday on I-294 near Lake Cook Road in Deerfield. Police are trying to determine what caused the death of Cesar Salas, 39, of Prairie View, who rear-ended a tow truck, reported the Daily Herald.

The tow truck driver reportedly exited his vehicle to speak to Salas when a taxi carrying two passengers struck Salas's car and spun out. The taxi then struck the tow truck driver who was standing in the road. He did not sustain life-threatening injuries, reported the Chicago Tribune, which has a photo of the taxi.

It is unclear whether Salas suffered a medical issue or succumbed to the impact of rear-ending the tow truck or died from the collision with the taxi, according to the Daily Herald.

Four people were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. An autopsy on Salas was scheduled for Monday, reported the Lake County News-Sun.


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