Woman Confronts Male Intruder in Her Home

Deerfield resident goes to investigate dog's barking and confronts man in hallway.

responded to a 911 call in the 500 block of Carlisle Avenue last week about a male intruder inside a home.

The Deerfield resident told officers she was reading a book in bed when her dog started to bark. The woman said she went to investigate and confronted the intruder in the hallway.

She said the man had apparently entered the house through an open overhead garage door.

The resident claimed she screamed and the suspect made off the same way he came in. According to the police report, she watched him jump into a gray Chevrolet Cavalier parked on the street.  

The woman told police she called her husband who told her to notify authorities. She also mentioned that there were Comcast and possibly ComEd crews working in her backyard on April 27, the day of the intrusion.

Police said they canvassed the area but didn’t find anyone suspicious.

When asked for a description of the intruder, the woman told police that she had several strokes in the past, took multiple medications and, thus, might not be able to provide many specifics.


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