Bobby’s Deerfield Reveals Signage

Deerfield’s newest restaurant gets approval from Appearance Review Commission for its signs. October opening planned.

cleared its first hurdle in the municipal approval process for its new restaurant in the Village when the Appearance Review Commission unanimously accepted the restaurant’s proposed signs at it Monday meeting.

An establishment co-owner Bobby Arifi described as an will plan to open in October occupying the space of the former Townhouse Kitchen + Bar.

The Commission was not only happy with the design of the signage, but pleased the tinting on the window of the former eatery would be removed allowing people to see Bobby’s activity as they pass by on Deerfield Road.

“People should be able to see what’s going on inside,” Commission Chairman Dick Coen said. “We’re your advocates. We want you to be successful.”

Arifi was quick to agree explaining how a clear view of the activity in Bobby’s interior was in his best interest. “Once we’re done with construction it will be removed,” he said. “We want people to see what goes on inside.”

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RB August 28, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I'll give them the benefit of doubt, but an 'Italian Influence' sure sounds like we are getting another Italian Restaurant. Deerfield and Waukegan Road becomes the Via Veneto. Removing the blackout from the windows is a good key change that should have never passed appearance review for Townhouse. Soprafinna lost out when the Village allowed Prime Source to dominate all the close retail parking spaces. Red Star had a crummy confused menu that changed faster than the weather, Townhouse had horrible concept....here's to getting one right. Good luck!


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