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Crime Drops in Deerfield

Village shows the lowest report of incidents in the last five years while Trustees question Chief Sliozis about hand held cell phones, gangs and drugs.

Crime in Deerfield for the first half of this year is at its lowest rate in the last five, according to a report given by Police Chief John Sliozis at Monday’s meeting of the Village Board of Trustees.

While the report showed the lowest amount of total incidents for the first six months of 2012 over the last five years as well as a large decline of major crime, Board members were most interested in gangs, drugs and the effect of the Village’s ordinance requiring motorists to use hand held phones while driving.

After Sliozis explained the Deerfield Police Department primarily issues warnings to people stopped for using a hand held cell phone until Illinois enacts legislation covering the entire state, Trustees William Seiden and Alan Farkas wanted to know why.

“We see hand held use frequently all over Deerfield,” Farkas said. “Do we really want to wait until the state does something?”

Sliozis responded that requirements vary by community and often times people passing through the Village are not aware of Deerfield’s ordinance. “If you get off 94 and go west to Riverwoods you’re legal, if you go east you’re illegal,” he said. “If we see frequent violators we take action.”

Mayor Harriet Rosenthal was quick to ask about any gang activity. “In the first six months we have not seen any,” Sliozis said letting everyone in the room know gangs are not in town.

Trustee Barbara Struthers wanted to know about drug trafficking in Deerfield. Sliozis indicated there is a decrease and was mindful of the .

“That’s a perfect example of why we need to (be vigilant),” Sliozis said. “There has been no noticeable increase in the trafficking or sale of drugs.”

Since the start of the year, there have been no murders, robberies or arson and only one case of sexual assault, aggravated assault and battery or auto theft. When it comes to crimes against property, there were 102 situations reported which is the lowest total for the first half of the year in the last five.

Traffic collisions were also at a five-year low with 361 reported. There were 547 in 2008, 423 in 2009, 382 in 2010 and 413 in 2011.

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Adrienne Schwarzbach Johnson August 23, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Where are the statistics for important issues such as domestic/child abuse? "only one" case of sexual assault is "only one" too many. Why are our leaders more concerned with gangs and drug trafficking here while serious local issues go unreported? How many drug paraphernalia tickets did the Deerfield police give out last year? It seems that every time I read the police blotter, someone is being arrested for this, yet our leaders seem to be more concerned about trafficking and sale of drugs.
RonnieTheLimoDriver August 25, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Its not clear from the article if its 1 out of sexual assault, assault and battery, and grand theft, or 1 each. I think its 1 of those crimes. I it was zero but, what are the police supposed to do better? Specifically what are they not doing that they should be doing? I think it makes perfect sense for the village leaders to be concerned about issues like gangs and drug trafficking. Those are issues that can be prevented, controlled, and once they come in, they bring all sorts of other crimes. Things like domestic abuse are hard to prevent. Once they happen the police can investigate if the victim actually calls the police. Unfortunately many of these crimes go unreported. Why does everybody hate on the police around here? It feels like the south side. Try living somewhere where the average police response is 25 mins and the cops are not interested in investigating anything but violent crimes and then you will have something to complain about. The Deerfield police are doing a terrific job as evidenced by the statistics. Sorry some of you got traffic tickets, but I guess the strategy is working, with accidents at a 5 yr low as well. Be safe!


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