Deerfield Police Honor 40-Year Veteran

Sherry Wood marked her 40th anniversary as an employee of the Deerfield Police Department Tuesday.

Sherry Wood has been described as “the best of the best” by some of her colleagues at the Deerfield Police Department and Tuesday she passed 40 years of service and was honored for her efforts by her colleagues.

More than 70 people made an effort to join the festivities at the Deerfield Police Department Tuesday, according to a release from Communication Director Mary Anne Glowacz. Wood has been a telecommunicator with the department during that time.

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“The standards she has set throughout her career and continue to live by are commendable,” Glowacz said in the release “She is an inspiration. She always takes on extra projects. She is the first to jump into new technology.

A few years ago, Glowacz explained how she weathered construction around the Police Station by coming to work with a hard hat and dispatching calls over the noise of surrounding jackhammers.

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