Garrett on Blagojevich: 'We Deserve Better'

Sen. Kirk calls former governor's sentencing 'a clear warning to all elected officials.'

Former Illinois governor was sentenced to 14 years in prison Wednesday. Here's what local politicians had to say about the sentencing.

 Judge Zagel's sentence is a clear warning to all elected officials that public corruption of any form will not be tolerated. Illinois families have long suffered from an estimated $500 million hidden corruption tax. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has done a great service to Illinois by bringing two criminal governors to justice.

 Justice was served in the sentencing of Governor Blagojevich today. This type of behavior highlights why Congressional Pensions need reform.

 Since I was elected to the Illinois legislature in 1998, I served under two governors, both of whom have gone to prison... We deserve better.

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford: Rod Blagojevich brought the 14 year sentence on himself. He deceived the people of Illinois far too long for what the jury substantiated as his own personal gain. Today’s sentencing is proof that such corrupt, embarrassing behavior will no longer be tolerated in Illinois.

grandpa December 08, 2011 at 06:32 PM
What a bunch of self-serving clap-trap from these dedicated "public servants". Blago's sentencing only proves that if Uncle Sam wants you, he gets you. 14 years for being a politician who fell out with the rest of the politicians is not justice, it is retribution. Just exactly how is paying for Blagojevich's upkeep for the next 12 or so years gonna help repair the "fabric" of Illinois? If you're looking for who's at fault, look in the mirror. It is the electorate who have put the past two governor's into office. It is the electorate that keeps returning these feckless politicians to power. It is the electorate who know they're being lied to for their vote and then feign indignation when politicians lie. Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Lisa Stone December 08, 2011 at 07:39 PM
What often goes dangerously unnoticed is at the local level. Some elected officials "look the other way" on matters that could have grave impact on the safety, health & welfare of not only their citizens, but citizens in neighboring communities as well. Particularly, unincorporated neighbors. Decisions that potentially may impact an official's profession and/or personal finances should have better checks & balances in place, regarding conflict of interest. Crony capitalism & entrenched local officials have no fear of consequence or law, given the things that go unnoticed at the local level. I hope that today's sentencing warns elected officials, at every level of gov't, that their oath to the people is sacred, and that breach of that oath will result in lengthy incarceration. Regardless of who they are or who they know.
StandToReason December 08, 2011 at 08:19 PM
Yep - Lisa's right. The real money is at the local level where kickbacks and sweetheart deals can reap hundreds in filthy lucre. Right on regarding the oath to the people too. The oath includes upholding the US Constitution too, right? Except maybe for that pesky first amendment.
Matt Klinkert December 09, 2011 at 02:32 AM
Public Enemy No. 1 Alphonse Capone — notorious gangster, accused murderer on several occasions, co-founder of the Chicago Outfit, racketeer, bootlegger, income-tax evader, brothel profiteer, corrupter of Cicero, Burnham and Forest View, and Tommy Gun enthusiast, who loved cheating on his wife and cracking skulls with baseball bats — was sentenced in 1932 to 11 years in prison and only served seven of them. The facts speak for themselves. But to correct Zagel's patriotic metaphor, Blago didn't tear Illinois' fabric; he just tried clipping a piece to make into a bandana for his killer dew.


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