Help the Library and Help Yourself

Deerfield Public Library closes temporary location Friday to prepare for June 23 grand opening of remodeled facility. Anything you check out now need not be back for a month.

Patrons of the Deerfield Public Library can help the library and help themselves at the same time before 6 p.m. Friday by checking out as many movies, new books and musical recordings as they like.

There is a catch.

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Everything borrowed from the library’s temporary facility at Cadwell Corners by 6 p.m. Friday must be returned to the newly remodeled Deerfield Public Library—which has it grand opening at 1 p.m. June 23—by June 30.

“People are checking out new book, movies and music by the armful,” Library Director Mary Pergander said referring to items which can normally be borrowed only for a short time. “Nothing they borrow will be overdue (as long as they are back a week after we reopen).”

Anyone taking advantage of the extended due date for movies, new books and music will also be doing the library a favor. There will be a little less work for the library staff to do getting the items up Waukegan Road.

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Jon Hall May 24, 2013 at 01:38 AM
Not very attractive photo impressions.


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