Kostka Ordered to Take Action on Property

Cook County Judge Margarita Kulys Hoffman ruled that Warren Kostka must remove boards from windows and tarp from his roof in 30 days, and comply with village code violations in 60 days.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Margarita Kulys Hoffman ordered Warren Kostka to remove boards and tarp from an addition on his home within the next 30 days, and to comply with violations identified by the Village of Palatine within 60 days. 

"This has been a long time and something needs to get done before winter," Hoffman said.

Village of Palatine Attorney Patrick Brankin asked for time limits to be set to require Kostka to make the repairs to his home, while his lawyer, Robert Egan stressed the process, and decisions Kostka must make shouldn't be rushed.

"It's not an easy decision," Egan said. 

Egan was referring to the possibility of Kostka deciding to raze his home, or demolish a portion of it, where a lions share of the code violations exist. 

Brankin called Harry Spila, director of community services for the Village of Palatine, to testify about whether dangers or hazards exists at the home in its current state.

At issue primarily were the boarded up windows and tarp on the roof covering areas where the siding is popping out. 

"In case of a fire, there would be a lack of ventilation, and village code requires an escape window in living areas," Spila said. 

Egan argued that dangers or hazards weren't contained in the complaint made in March, but Brankin came back stating those conditions only arose after the complaint was initially made. 

Hoffman said in her ruling that if the tarp and boards weren't removed and meet village code, the other option for Kostka would be demolition. 

"This is a slap in the face, the money that this will cost is very substantial. If I demolition the area [with the boards and tarp], that is 55-percent of my home," Kostka said. 

Another issue brought up in the hearing was regrarding orange fencing that Kostka put up to provide a barrier for his home from water inlet work planned by the village over the next month. 

"I didn't want my property becoming the work area for that," Kostka said. 

Village Manager Reid Ottesen, who attended the hearing, said through Brankin that the village would not require the fence to be taken down. 

Hoffman also gave Kostka 60 days to comply with code violations on the property. 

"If the village wants this problem to go away, they have to treat me like everyone else in Palatine who has had problems similar to this," Kostka said. 

The next hearing date in the case will be December 6. 

MJE October 24, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Why hasn't the property been condemned? If you drive past, it looks abandoned. It is hard to imagine anyone actually living there.
Shawn October 25, 2012 at 02:35 AM
60 days is dec 24 (christmas eve) Only in Crook county does this happen, do you really think all parties and lawyers will be available dec 24. i doubt it and I'm sure there will be a continuance, I think any judge would have to grant a continuance because of someone having holiday plans. Then we will be in winter and will have weather delays. Palatine just buy the house with some rainy day money and lets move on.
Forest October 25, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Maybe Santa can bring the neighborhood a judgement against Warren that actually means something. The Judge and Palatine are not gettin it done. Warren you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done and how you have impacted your neighbors. You sir will get only coal.
concerend October 25, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Oh Warren.....You ARE treated like everyone else in Palatine, the difference is that you are not taking responsibility for your property, actions and behaviors, as well as your your false allegations you have been throwing around. You have been called out and it's time to grow up and fix your property and stop whining about it. You have been given several opportunities for help and your neighbors were supportive of you at one time. However when you are greedy and such a resentful, bitter man to the council, village and your neighbors for years and years then yes we will take action. You reap what you sew so now live with it. It's time to be like the rest of the Palatine residents and grow up, take responsibility and fix your property....just like the rest of us have.
MJE October 29, 2012 at 06:39 PM
There isn't rainy day money in the budget. Do you want a "Kostka tax" increase to buy the property?


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