May Beats Turelli, Will Remain State Representative

The incumbent pulled off a substantial victory to remain the representative of the 58th District.

Check out the photo gallery of Karen May's and Lauren Turelli's election night events .

Supporters of incumbent Illinois 58th District State Rep. gathered for a private party in the back of  in Highland Park Tuesday night.

As the polls trickled in for races nationwide, excited friends and family were confident about the outcome of at least one.

"Oh, I think Karen's gonna win," said Michael Simkin, former chairman of the Moraine Township Democratic Organization and longtime May supporter.

Amid clouds of blue balloons, people chatted loudly and excitedly about the election, keeping tabs on the latest news on their laptops and several televisions.

Most members of the crowd seemed to know one another, and many were personal friends of May.

"I was [May's] legislative aide for two and a half years and I really view her as one of my mentors," said Highland Park city councilwoman and mayoral candidate . "She's one of the people that encouraged me to get involved in public service."

Thirty minutes north, Republican challenger took part in a multi-candidate party organized by the Republican Assembly of Lake County.

By the time Highland Park Patch spoke with Turelli, the outcome had been assured in . Surrounded by a small group of friends and family, all wearing her campaign stickers, Turelli explained what she had taken away from her election bid. 

"I'm going back to being a mom and a businesswoman tomorrow, no matter what. It's been a good experience," she said. "I think voter turnout thus far has shown that people are not happy, and that alone I'm proud of."

Back at Michael's, Highland Park Patch asked May what her first order of business would be when she returned to work. 

"I've already talked to the speaker about my insistence on moving forward on a financial stabilization of our state," she said. "So that's number one."


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