Meet Your April 5 Candidates: Tom Jester, Village Board

Don't know who to vote for in the local election? Patch questions the candidates this week so you can make an informed choice.

"All politics is local" and "The closer to home, the greater the impact on your pocketbook" are two truisms in politics.

The candidates in local elections affect how much you pay in taxes, and what you get for your money, more than candidates in Springfield and Washington, D.C. 

So who are these folks who will impact your life and money? Find out on Patch. Then make an informed choice when you vote in the April 5 election.

Tom Jester

Candidate for the Deerfield Village Board of Trustees. Three seats up for re-election, four candidates running. 

1) Briefly tell us what, in your background or education, has prepared you to make a contribution on this board. Can you offer an expertise that would be a resource to other board members? 

I am a retired Professional Engineer with 40 years experience in public works engineering including water, waste-water and transportation which has been helpful and well received on the Board. I have started and owned my own firm.

2) How would you assess the state of the village’s budget? 

The village has been fortunate in that the economic downturn has impacted us less severely than many other communities. Our reserves are strong and our budget is and remains balanced and prudent.

3) If expenses need to be reduced, exactly what would you cut? Be specific. 

By far the largest on-going expense is labor. The village has prudently not filled several open positions in the past couple years and eliminated two in the ’10-’11 budget.

 4) Does the village need to start or intensify economic development efforts? What specific ideas do you have to foster economic development? 

We foster economic development by maintaining a welcoming environment, providing a responsive village staff, keeping a list of available commercial space on the website and actively supporting and participating in the Chamber of Commerce and the Lake County CVB.

5) How would you assess the public services the village offers residents, including police, trash pickup, snow removal, responsiveness of village hall, etc.? What needs to be improved? Are residents getting adequate value for their tax dollar? 

We are literally renowned for our snow removal! Our village services are excellent and the staff consistently responsive. Deerfield provides an excellent return on the village tax dollar. 

6) What else would you like voters to know about your positions on issues or point of view? 

I strongly support developing a long range plan for the central area’s northwest quadrant, addressing parking, appearance, walking environment and traffic flow.

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